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Author: [info]cherie_morte
Artist: [info]rosivan    <------------------------ YEAH THAT'S RIGHT 
Title: The Prisoner in Azkaban
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Sirius/Remus, James/Lily
Characters: Harry, Peter, Dumbledore, Cornelius Fudge, Snape, with appearances from the Black family.
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Sirius Black is struggling to hold onto his sanity. Told through dream sequences and Sirius's point of view, The Prisoner in Azkaban maps Sirius's state of mind during his 12 years of imprisonment.
Warnings: Violence, character mental break down.
Word Count: 23,641
Author's Notes: This story was beta read by [info]wutendeskind. Liberties are taken with canon timeline for chapters 7 and 11/12.

There are more entries than the one that cherie_morte and I made, but you can go look at those on the website~ :D
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Title: Trees Growing in Concrete
Author/Artist: [personal profile] rosivan
Rating/Warnings: PG, angst, mature themes, a lot of yelling
Word Count: ~1600
Summary: Sirius walks through Grimmauld Place before offering it to Dumbledore as Headquarters.
Notes: Written for [brighty18] @ LJ, during [hp_toujours] 2008

He was soaked and looked tired, as if he had been travelling through the unpleasant weather the entire day. )
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Well, I had this posted over at my LJ, but there are margin restrictions on the layout I'm using. Half the images get cropped and I didn't really notice. DX I'll post here and link there, then~!

I'm retagging everything over at LJ, mostly because I have a million useless tags (which bothers me for some reason) and because I'm not sure what I've posted in terms of art, or what I've forgotten to share!

This is probably the first of several posts, as I'll just repost everything. It'll be some new stuff, and mostly pieces from 2008.

NWS NWS NWS NWS! All images in this set are NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Characters: Bellatrix Lestrange
Notes: This was drawn for the 'Azkaban' edition of hump_day_smut. I like to think Rodolphus has the cell across from her and she's being a right tease~
Azkaban Bella )

Characters: Salazar, Godric, Rowena, Helga
Notes: Drawn for the 'house pride' edition of hump_day_smut. If Godric looks at all confused, it's because he doesn't often get a choice of being a switch player~
Founder Love )

Characters: Remus/Tonks
Notes: Drawn for the 'grey hair' edition at hump_day_smut. I recently accepted Remus/Tonks. *sigh* I like to think that drawing this one proves it. :)
She must be all right, if she made him so happy in the end. )

characters: Remus/Sirius
Notes: Wrote a fic for this, called 'After your detention'. This was done during harry_holidays. Chocolate play requested~
Chocolate Play )

characters: Remus/Severus
Notes: This was something I was going to use for the 'in the style of' edition at hump_day_smut, but never had the guts to send it. This was done, clearly, in the style of karasu_hime. ♥ She made Sev sexy for me, and I've always really admired her linework and colouring.
She made me love Remus with long hair )

characters: Harry/Ron
Notes: drawn for the 'au/crossover' theme at hump_day_smut. Robin Hood and Will Scarlett. Yesssss.
Merry Men~? Ahaha. )

characters: Percy/Penelope
Notes: drawn for the 'weasleys' edition at hump_day_smut
I wish there were more sexy manly Percy fics out there.... )

characters: sirius
notes: drawn for the 'sirius' edition at hump_day_smut
'Stop scaring the neighbours!' 'They should feel priviledged!' )

characters bill/?
notes: done for the 'redheads' edition at hump_day_smut
Bill blows. ...actually, he's pretty awesome, you know? )

characters: bellatrix/rodolphus
notes: done for the 'behind enemy lines' edition at hump_day_smut
Getting off on offing someone. Oho. )

characters: ron/draco
notes: done for weasleyfest 08
I hate drawing bathrooms, you know. )

notes: done for hp_yuleballs 08
Remus is the one using mistletoe to his advantage~ )
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Artwork by: [profile] star_sailor13
Title: Porcelain
Author: [personal profile] rosivan
Gift Fic For: [profile] otakuangel
Prompt: #92
Photo Prompt:

Word Count: ~9,700
Warnings: Alternate Universe
Rating: PG, innuendo, snark and hand!kink
Betas: M & K - thank you so much!
Author's Notes: Thank you to the mods for putting up with me ♥! To my dear prompter, you are freaking brilliant for posting the picture, and I'm so glad I snatched it up first. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it; and I might have copped out with the ending, but I feel no shame. :D; Cheers, lovely!
Summary: The philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire." With a new student in his ceramics class, perhaps Harry can prove this true.

So, please, tell me why I'm seeing you in here before your next semester's advisory. )