27 Aug 2009

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Title: At the Ballet (Complete)
Author: [info]rosivan
Rating/Warnings: PG - AU, no other warnings
Word Count: ~ 9900
Pairing/Characters: McCoy/Chekov, Joanna McCoy, with sides of Kirk, Sulu and Scotty
Prompt: "McCoy/balletdancer!Chekov" over HERE.
Summary: Leonard McCoy abandons his work for the UN to return home and open his own practice. He visits his daughter at the ballet, and finds himself oddly drawn to her fellow dancer, Pavel Chekov.

Notes: This is my first Star Trek fic, I warn you now! I did my best with the UN stuff, and the ballet stuff...there's only one usage of Russian, near the end, and I tried my best to find an accurate transliteration, but I have no idea if it's accurate or not. :/ At the Ballet was originally posted as a three piece series, with a companion fic called Everyone is Beautiful, depicting a phone call mentioned in the story, from Joanna to Pavel.

The stage is dark and still, and Leonard McCoy feels like he's floating in space... )
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Title: Everyone is Beautiful (1/1)
Author: [personal profile] rosivan
Rating/Warning: PG - AU, no other warnings
Wordcount: ~1200
Pairing/Characters: Sulu, Chekov & Joanna McCoy, implied McCoy/Chekov
Prompt: A companion piece to my At the Ballet series, which can be found HERE
Summary: Joanna McCoy asks a small request of Pavel and Hikaru.

Notes: I would suggest you read At the Ballet first, as it was intended, but you don't need to read it in order to understand what's going on in this piece.

Pavel and Hikaru were figuring out a recipe they'd seen on the Food Network. Or, at least, they were attempting to figure it out. )
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Title: Trees Growing in Concrete
Author/Artist: [personal profile] rosivan
Rating/Warnings: PG, angst, mature themes, a lot of yelling
Word Count: ~1600
Summary: Sirius walks through Grimmauld Place before offering it to Dumbledore as Headquarters.
Notes: Written for [brighty18] @ LJ, during [hp_toujours] 2008

He was soaked and looked tired, as if he had been travelling through the unpleasant weather the entire day. )