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wordcount: 2650
warnings: swearing, puns
summary: Jin is trying to prove to himself that he doesn't need to see Davide every day. He doesn't. Really. He just happens to be walking a few blocks behind him all the time DON'T QUESTION IT.

NOTE: I only wrote Davide. Also, they're mutants, as this is a log from a Prince of Tennis/X-Men crossover. 8D This is the post!reset verse.

Davide talked too fucking much. )
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Wordcount: ~12000
warnings: whumpy!Gabriel, French!Gabriel, appearances by Lucifer, rage management issues
summary: Young Gabriel climbs the castle gate to fetch a rose for Kali and ends up being captured by the man with the dark eyes. Sam saves him, but Gabriel is then trapped within the Castle under the conditions of the curse that plagues Sam.

NOTE: I only wrote Gabriel.

Through the mist in the woods there is a castle that no one ever visited, overwrought with ivy along it's walls and iron gates.... )
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wordcount: ~9000
warnings: none!
summary: Gabriel is an avian who delights in messing around during other groups' air battles. Sam is a solo skypirate who saves him from being captured.

NOTES: I only wrote Gabriel.

Gabriel dropped, twisting his body into a dizzying corkscrew spin as he dove between the dropping masts of Lucifer's ship. )