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Wordcount: ~16,700 as finished as it's going to get
warnings: young!Sam, young!Gabriel, mentions of abuse, homophobia (not from Sam and Gabe), mentions of mental conditions (schizophrenia), sex
summary: Sam returns to help at the summer camp he used to go to when he was younger, as a favour to Dean. In the same cabin where he camped with Gabriel so many years before, they work through a whole new set of issues cultivated in their time apart.

NOTE: I only wrote Gabriel.

Camp Chitaqua hadn't changed a bit in ten years, not at all. )
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wordcount: ~11,500
warnings: teenage sex (legal age)
summary: There's a mysterious vandal at school and Sam is trying to discover the culprit. Gabriel is more interested in swim team and getting in Sam's pants.

NOTES: I only wrote Gabriel.

The lock belonged to the school, and other than the file with the combinations, only Gabriel knew the numbers to open it. )