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wordcount: 2650
warnings: swearing, puns
summary: Jin is trying to prove to himself that he doesn't need to see Davide every day. He doesn't. Really. He just happens to be walking a few blocks behind him all the time DON'T QUESTION IT.

NOTE: I only wrote Davide. Also, they're mutants, as this is a log from a Prince of Tennis/X-Men crossover. 8D This is the post!reset verse.

Davide talked too fucking much.

Jin hung back, watching his lover as the redhead greeted perfect strangers on the sidewalk. He'd tailed him from the studio for a good twenty minutes now. And there was a reason for it. Not a very convincing one, but he'd wanted to see him. It struck him as somewhat clingy to have to see his boyfriend every damned day, but he blamed his mutation. It drove him with the urge to check and see if he had to lay claim to the older man again.

Every time Davide stopped to wave at someone, or chat up some pissant street vendor, it got his back up. He didn't altogether realize it, but he'd been growling, low and constantly, in his throat for the past ten minutes. His instinct told him his lover was being too damn friendly, letting people get too close to him. Young girls were giggling and reaching out to touch. It took all he had not to leap out and smack them away.

Because that was the other part of this exercise, right? Not just to see his lover everyday, but to prove to himself that he didn't need Dan around him 24/7 to control his animalistic nature. And not tearing off anyone's head from here to Davide's apartment would be proof enough for him. If Davide would just stop pausing to smile at more people...

Work was done for the day, and Davide made his way home at a leisurely pace. It was a nice day - bright, sunshiney, and a lot of people were out. He mingled, meeting strangers, collecting sounds and voices, completely at ease. He walked through a pack of schoolgirls, waiting to cross a street, and got distracted by the chatter about a boy who was walking with his friends, further back. Davide cast an instinctive glance back, to see the other boys, and caught sight of a familiar flash of hair.

The man turned back to the pack of girls and the now-lit walk sign, a different sort of smile highlighting his face. What a pleasant, pleasant surprise~ He delayed crossing the street until the light started to flicker, and made a dash at the last moment. At the corner, he was able to cross again, heading right across the street instead of straight towards his apartment. If he remembered correctly, there was a department store near by. He would head there.

What the--Jin stopped himself from just dashing ahead after him, keeping Davide locked in his sights. This was a deviation from the norm. Davide typically just went straight home from work. Shit, had he seen him or something? Easing away from behind the vendor he'd been watching from, he kept track of his prey and moved with the crowd across the street. When Davide moved beyond his sight, he surged forward as carefully as he could, trying not to use his mutation to track his lover. He did not need to be sprouting wolf ears or noses around all these humans.

He caught up enough to simply stroll behind as Davide got close to a department store. What the hell was he doing?

Davide held the door for a woman exiting the store, casting a smile down the street, knowing it would catch Akutsu's eye, even if he couldn't place him at the given moment. He moved into the department store and moved among the racks quickly, heading for the elevator. His height was a problem, in the clothing sections, but the displays were higher upstairs, in the appliances and housewares.

He suppressed the urge to giggle at himself. He was probably going to look crazy enough without snickering and nothing. On his way by a stand, Davide snagged a flyer.

Jin had to wrestle hard with the urge to give up his covertness and just run and nab his lover. Too reckless, and would attract too much attention. He tried to look as normal as he could, despite his face twisting into a glower and the growling returning to his throat. He was tracking his mate now, and his mutation was threatening to take over, to use his heightened senses to find Davide faster.

He prowled around the clothing for a moment, scanning over the racks for telltale red hair. When he didn't see anything, he ducked into the elevator, intending to search floor by floor. But since he was expectantly alone in the elevator, he let loose a little and felt his nose twitch and shift, lengthening into a wolfish snout. He sniffed the buttons and zeroed in on Davide's scent, punching the one that led up to housewares.

Sneaky shit. He spent the ride taking deep breaths to calm himself until the snout melted away back to his own nose. His hand came up to cover the last remains of the shift as he strode out of the elevator and through a small knot of women, eyes darting around the floor immediately. He didn't see Davide, but he could start down the closest aisle and work his way around.

It would be mean, Davide thought, contemplating the mixing bowls that he was crouched before, to simply sneak back into the elevator and head out onto the street again. And maybe hit all the buttons on the way. He stood slowly, and detoured around the silverware section, heading towards linens. Maybe he'd look at dishcloths while he was being ninja. He'd head back to the elevator later, if Jin hadn't caught him by then.

By now, Jin had figured out how to scan each aisle as he stalked around the perimeter. It wasn't long before he got a break, catching a glimpse of red curls halfway across the floor. Crouching lower instinctively, he wound around stands and tall racks, closing in and shifting directions whenever Davide turned. It didn't take him too much time to close most of the gap between them, trying to stay aware of the other shoppers that were starting to look at him curiously.

The patterns on the dish towels didn't match or compliment the ones he had. Oh well. He left them on their shelves and went back towards the elevator, casting a look around for his beloved stalker~ He didn't see him, but the startled and curious glances and expressions gave him a general idea of where he was. Davide laughed, and turned towards the elevator doors, pressing the button for the door.

Dammit! Jin forgot himself and leaped for the elevator door a moment too late. His eyes happened to meet Davide's an instant before the doors shut, and he clearly saw the merry amusement in the redhead's brown eyes. Son of a bitch...Davide had been leading him on one of his fucking games of chase.

Giving up the guise of being normal in favor of cutting his lover off, he dashed for the stairs, kicking open the door to each floor and doing a quick scan to make sure Davide wasn't sneaking off onto another floor.

Sneaking was over, Davide suspected, and as soon as the elevator doors opened on the main floor, he made a brisk break for it, apologising to the staff and shoppers in the form of, "My wife is in labour!" Labour, since catching a Davide was no easy task~ He laughed, and started down the street again, breaking into a full run. A few blocks to his apartment and not much of a head start. How exciting~

Jin caught the yell as he burst out of the ground floor stairwell, locking in on his mate flying through the front doors. Snarling, he leaped over low display stands at full speed, nearly slamming a teenager in the face with the door as he bulldozed through and took off after Davide. It went beyond prey now. He was going to catch the redhead if he had to knock over every human in his way to do it.

Davide dodged people and pets, sprinting. This was a lot different than running a few miles on a treadmill, but it wasn't anything that he couldn't handle. It was kind of fun, actually, having to avoid things and try to get away from someone who could track him very well. He wouldn't want to do it every day, certainly, and he wouldn't want to pull out all the stops, but it was an interesting experience to entertain.

He approached his building, digging in his bag for his keys. He was surprised he got this far. Maybe Akkun was enjoying the chase as much as he was.

Jin was gaining on him quickly. All he had to do was get a hold of him before he got through the door. It would be like Davide to take his game one step further and lock him out of the building. Not that that was going to stop him, he'd just figure out how to scale the bitch and break through the window. He wasn't stopping to think much about it, but it was pretty damn exhilarating chasing his lover down, knowing he'd get him eventually.

Davide fumbled with the lock, never having to open it so damn quickly before. He got it open - when had Jin gotten so close! - and flung it out, giving him a chance to nab it before it closed. "Hello!" He said in passing, to a neighbour checking her mailbox, and headed directly for the elevators. He hit the button on both and then headed to the stairwell. He opened the door, closed it behind him, and then started up the stairs, taking the steps two or three at a time.

"Hikaru!" Jin barely gave himself a second to snarl as he nearly broke the door flinging it open, and nearly knocking over the neighbor, her mail flying out and fluttering in the air as he passed. He almost went for the stairs after Davide, but caught the elevator door that had opened just starting to close from the corner of his eye. He caught it just before it closed and yanked it back open, jabbing the button for Davide's floor as he leaned back against the back of the elevator and took a moment to catch his breath.

He was going to catch that idiot.

The older man peeked through the door to his floor (three flights of stairs wasn't so bad, at least he wasn't on the eighth floor) and then slipped inside, moving down the hall to his door. He unlocked it, glancing back towards the elevator, and went inside. For a moment, Davide considered locking the door behind him...but then he was probably likely to have to find a new door afterwards.

He left it unlocked, and went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. He dropped his keys and bag on the table.

It occurred to Jin as the elevator door opened, that he lost the race. Probably only by seconds, but a quick look at the apartment door told him it was enough.

Well, fuck. He was really off if Davide could beat him with such a short lead. But he hadn't quite won...

Jin leaned back against the wall by the door, letting his breathing quickly regulate while he waited. Davide was expecting him to come running in, driven by instinct and hormones...and he was. But he still wanted to catch his lover, and he was going to, just as soon as he got curious enough to come out and check.

Davide leaned against his kitchen counter, watching the door and waiting for Jin to burst through. He hadn't been so far behind that it would take this long, would it? He wondered if the elevator got stuck or something similarly frustrating. He finished off the bottle of water, biting his lip a little. Had something happened to him? He tossed the empty bottle in the recycle bin and pulled the apartment door open to poke his head out.

Jin got the ultimate satisfaction of seeing Davide's eyes widen as he clamped an arm around the other's neck the instant he appeared and dragged him over. Oh yeah, it felt damn good to be able to startle him like that. "Your ass is mine." It didn't take anything at all for him to haul the older man up and carry him back into the apartment, kicking the door shut behind them with his heel.

"I guess you caught me, then~" Davide laughed, pressing a firm kiss against Jin's neck. Game over! Bonus round~ "How long have you been following me, Akkun? Do I have a personal bodyguard, now?" He dragged his hands back, through Jin's hair, to tilt his face up and kiss him properly.

Jin growled, breaking off the kiss if only to see where he was going. "I oughta kick your ass", he grumbled, but it was a half-hearted threat at best. There was only one thing he wanted to do to Davide's ass, and kicking it wasn't even close. "Probably fuckin' need one, all the damn humans you gab at..." He moved to the nearest bedroom, not caring in the slightest if it was Davide's or his pansy little roommate's.

He didn't bother to answer with how long he'd been following. 'Almost every day' would make him sound crazy. Or stupid. Or in love, God fucking forbid. And Davide just didn't need to know.

"I'm friendly, Akkun. I like people." He knew - who wouldn't - about Jin's jealousy. It was endearing and troublesome at the same time, but there wasn't anything Davide could do about it, so he didn't. He kicked off his shoes, glad that they were in his bedroom - Kenichi-kun was forgiving enough, but this might push even his buttons. "Are we going to do this every day?"

Jin didn't bother with a diatribe against humans. He'd made comments about his distaste--hatred-- before, but Davide seemed to shrug them off. It wasn't worth wasting his breath about yet when there were other things to be doing with his mouth. "You asking if we're gonna do this everyday", he asked, dropping Davide onto his bed and bending over him to trail his nipping mouth across the small expanse of skin revealed when his shirt rode up. "Or if I'm gonna have to chase you around the city everyday?" His teeth bit near the belly button, tongue lapping the abused area after.

"Mm, I meant the city run," Davide squirmed a little, pushing pillows off the bed, and tossing one at the door to close it partway. "Would you like me to ask to do this every day~?" He pushed a pleading expression onto his face and trailed his fingers down Jin's arm.

"Leave the damn humans behind and stay with me and we could", Jin growled, not figuring to get an agreement on that and not really caring at the moment. He wanted to be with his lover and his patience was starting to wear thin under the demands of his hormones. His mouth was still trailing up, hands yanking up Davide's shirt to clear the path. The less patience he had, the harder he bit, although he licked a fair bit more.

Davide sighed, arching up against Jin. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it to one side. He wouldn't commit to something like Jin was asking, especially not knowing where he'd be or what he'd be doing in the years to come. Even thinking about years was an odd time frame to wrap his mind around. Davide lifted his leg between Jin's and brushed his knee across his groin.

That knee was all it took to bring Jin's patience crashing down to bits, and he let his animal nature take over in claiming his mate. Davide's pants didn't quite escape without damage. It was just as well; now they'd match the other pairs.

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