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wordcount: ~5700, unfinished and a little bit more to be edited
warnings: Possibly REINFORCING STEREOTYPES. IDK man. I just wanted to make Gabe a Canuck. Being one, I'm allowed.
summary: Penpals, Canadian Gabriel and Irish Sam are meeting for the first time in person, in merry ol' London.

NOTES: I only wrote Gabriel.

It was Gabriel's first time flying overseas, even though he'd travelled quite a bit within Canada entertaining his wanderlust. Headphones in the upright position, shoulder pressed even against the window, Gabriel watched the clouds float by, nervousness keeping his knee bouncing in double time to the music.

This trip wasn't simply out of wanderlust, like most things previous. He was flying to meet, of all things, a pen pal he'd been writing to consistently for the past six months. No photos, no web cam, just a name and some google results that Gabriel was convinced meant one Sam Winchester wasn't some seventy year-old creeper.

We should meet had turned into an international thing when Gabriel discovered that his witty, warm hearted pen pal was Irish. Gabriel came from money, and a ticket over the ocean was easy for him to absorb.

When Gabriel landed, pulling his bag from the over head and taking he tedious journey through customs, he immediately checked the flights for Sam's. As he did, he stuck a white feather into the band of his hat, small and fluttery, their meet up sign of how to recognize each other.

Sam could barely remember how they'd met, he and Gabriel, but what had probably been a PM on a photography site had turned into a multi-month penpal-manship. He'd picked up photography as a hobby in late university and had taken up trolling forums for people who were willing to show him the ropes. Gabriel had had razor-sharp wit and a sense of humor that nicely complimented Sam's, and in the end they'd gone from hesitant Maybe we should meets to My flight'll be in at eleven.

Sam was ecstatic. Gabriel seemed sweet and sarcastic all at once, brilliantly witty and charming.

He clomped down the landing as the attendant handed him his bag. He'd traveled a bit around Ireland, but never out of it, and at 19 London seemed huge, intimidating. He tromped into the gate and was swamped by the massive amount of people in Heathrow. He stumbled, grabbed his bag and slid out of the way, tucking the long white and tan-flecked feather behind his ear. Gabriel was carrying a white one - and Sam knew his gate number. 39. Now all he had to do was find him.

Gabriel was fairly sure he spotted Sam first - the kid was freaking tall and with a feather on top of that, it really had to be him. Or someone super essentric on the same day, which would be a hilarious story later, but really. Gabriel just wanted to meet him now.

"Sam!" He called out, easily loud over the rush of people. If it wasn't the Sam he was looking for, then...oh well. Gabriel would keep waiting. The plane had landed, so it wouldn't be long anyway.

Sam's head snapped up. "Gabriel!" he called, grinning. He wanted to laugh at Gabriel's hat because it just fit his personality, quirky and offbeat, with the white feather stuck in it. He hefted his bag up over his shoulder and weaved through people - not easy for someone his size - to meet Gabriel in the middle of the walkway. He swept the smaller man into a hug without hesitation, almost lifting him off the ground.

"You're so tall," Gabriel laughed, squeezing the other man tightly. "How are you, how was your flight?" He was strong too~ and that pleased Gabriel more than it probably should have.

"You're so short!" Sam chuckled, squeezing him again before releasing him and clutching his shoulders so he could look him over. "It wasn't as bad as expected," he said. "Thought the plane was banjaxed when we hit turbulence, though!" He cupped Gabriel's cheek and gave him a kiss on the opposite one, eyes sparkling. "And yours?"

"I have no idea what banjaxed is, but we were annoyingly smooth sailing," Gabriel told him, smile slow and curled in response. He squeezed Sam's hand, reaching up for the one on his cheek, and tried not to melt completely from his accent.

"Banjaxed, ah - " Sam twisted his lips. "Uh, screwed over," he laughed. He kissed Gabriel's opposite cheek. "I'm glad it was well for you. I had hope the overseas bit hadn't kicked up too much of a fuss."

"Ooh, right," Gabriel pulled Sam close for a quick kiss on the mouth, figuring to complete the set. "I've never flown international, it was neat."

Sam blinked at the quick press of lips and smiled, warm and slow. He glanced behind him as another plane announced boarding. "Taxi, yes? I have the hotel reservations ticket... Ah..." He dug in his pocket and produced the slip of paper.

"Yeah, definitely," Gabriel hefted his backpack, pointing over at one of the exits, "Y'got anything checked?"

"No," Sam said, smile turning a little shy. "I hike a lot back in Ireland, so I pack light. Do you?" He followed Gabriel over to the exit.

"If it doesn't fit in my bag, it ain't going with me," Gabriel told him. It wasn't so much the hiking aspect as much as he was just used to travelling very very light.

"Exactly," Sam said warmly. They headed out together onto the street, which was bustling with city life, something Sam wasn't used to. "So much going on," he breathed, staring up at the skyscrapers. He looked to Gabriel and smiled again. "I suppose you're used to big cities, no?"

Gabriel was already heading towards a cab, waving to get the driver's attention. "I've travelled a lot back home - cities, countryside." He tossed a smile over his shoulder. "But yeah, I'm from a big city."

Sam slid into the cab after Gabriel, handing him the hotel card for the address. "I envy you," he said, accent thick on his words. "Big cities are so lively."

Gabriel spoke with the driver for a moment and they were off through the streets. Gabriel spared a glance for the different shapes of the architecture and streets before turning his attentions almost completely to Sam. "I like cities, but sometimes I almost love country more, you know? Easier to think, or something."

"Ireland has beautiful country," Sam commented absently, staring out at the city. "I will show you someday, should you visit." He spared a glance back at his companion, expression glowing.

Foot bouncing over one knee to some internal beat, Gabriel grinned at him. "I'll hold you to that," he warned playfully.

Sam grinned and said graciously, "By all means, my dear." He resumed watching London fly by until they reached their hotel. He paid the driver swiftly, leaving no room for argument, and climbed out, holding the door for Gabriel.

Gabriel stepped out of the cab, amused and only slightly disgruntled, nodding his thanks. The hotel was nice, not super busy or in direct line of any major tourist spots, but close enough to walk a couple blocks to find something interesting. Gabriel adjusted his hat, feather twirling between his fingers, and walked with Sam to the check in desk.

Sam approached the check-in desk, bag slung back over his shoulder. "I'm terribly sorry," the clerk said as soon as Sam showed her his card. His heart sank for a moment. "We booked you for a single bed, and we don't have any doubles available at the moment."

"Oh," Sam breathed, relieved. He glanced at Gabriel. "Is that all right with you?"

Gabriel scratched his chin, eyebrow raised at the clerk. He nodded in response to Sam's question, but leaned against the counter to ask, "Is there a corporate level single at least? I'll cover the expense." He handed over his credit card - one obtained through the family company - and then turned back to Sam offering one of the room keys.

Sam blinked down at the room key, then at Gabriel, and at his credit card. "Are you sure?" he bubbled. "I mean, we were going to split and it wasn't that much, I don't want to make you pay formore." He waved the key card in the air as he fretted, bangs falling into his eyes.

"Hey, easy," Gabriel snagged Sam's flailing wrist, soft amusement in his eyes. "Don't worry about it - it's already done, Sammy."

"But you have to afford the flight home, and - and touring!" Sam protested. "At least let me cover my half, please?" Not that he could really afford corporate level, but this was ridiculous.

Gabriel's smile dimmed, going a little more serious than his usual. "I wouldn't of done it if I couldn't afford it, and it's not a big deal." He slid his fingers up, taking hold of the keycard. "I can go tell her we want the first room, if it's gonna worm around in your brain all trip."

Sam sighed and relented eventually, pressing his lips together. He snatched the key card back and held it up. "I pay for dinner tomorrow night." He tripped over the r's, accent making him stop and recollect for a moment. "But thank you." He shot Gabriel a smile and led him to the lifts.

Gabriel frowned briefly, following after him, but was back to his usual disposition by the time he stepped into the elevator. He reached out and poked at the number for their floor, leaning back against the mirrored walls to watch the floors blink by.

"I am - " Sam started, when they were alone. He tinged a little red and smiled. "I am glad we decided to do this. You're lovely."

"Lovely, hm," Gabriel's gaze drifted over the blush, pleased, "I like that."

Sam laughed, though his gaze was shyly on the opposite wall. "I'm sure you do," he said softly. The lift drew to a halt and the doors slid open. Sam urged Gabriel through first and gasped a little at the view. The hallway ended in a full-length window that looked out over London. Sam followed the numbers and discovered, with glee, that their room was right next to the window. He plastered himself to it, staring out.

Gabriel smiled, watching Sam, dropping his bag on the dresser and ambling over to the window. He pulled his hat off, running a hand through his hair. "Fantastic skyline, eh?"

"Beautiful," Sam responded. He set his bag down and eyed the bed, which, while fairly large, was still one bed. "I do apologize for the bed," he said. "I know we're less conservative over here, so I'm fine. I'll sleep on the couch if you're uncomfortable?"

Gabriel shrugged one shoulder, tossing his hat on a chair. "Upgraded the room for the bigger bed. Ma taught me to share, I promise."

Sam laughed and leaned against the window, sweeping his eyes up and down Gabriel's body. "You know, you're exactly as I imagined."

Gabriel felt a little thrill at the once over, bit lightly into his lip, looking away. "Is that so? I wasn't exactly specific with descriptions." He'd said a short Adonis (if you must know~) if they were being precise.

Sam shrugged, looking him over again. "You look like..." He waved a hand. "... you. Very you. Very fitting."

Gabriel lounged a little more, giving Sam's eyes something to really look at if he was going to keep eyeing him up like that. "I certainly hope so, being me and all~"

Gabriel's shift in position was obvious; Sam chuckled and strode over, ruffled his hair. "What shall we do?"

Sleep was Gabriel's first thought, tired and jet lagged as he was. He blinked at Sam thoughtfully, looking out at the view again. "Walk around the area, maybe?"

Sam eyed Gabriel again, taking in his posture, his expression. "You look tired. Maybe we should nap first?" he suggested gently. "Then go out on the town for dinner and the night."

"....I'm really kinda tired," Gabriel admitted. He'd taken the eleven o'clock flight, flown the nine hours, lost the seven hours time difference. "Three here is like... eight in the morning at home."

"Nap it is," Sam said cheerfully. He didn't have a time difference to deal with, but he had gotten up ridiculously early after a night of no sleep, so... He dug in his pack and pulled out sweatpants and an old t-shirt, then slipped out of his jeans and button-down. The new clothes were more comfortable despite the softness of his well-worn jeans. He stretched, pleased. "Set an alarm or no?"

Gabriel dug in his backpack for shorts and a shirt. "Yeah, sure. I'll sleep until something wakes me, otherwise." He swapped clothing and stretched, back cracking from sitting most of the day.

Sam set an alarm for nine, which he figured was plenty of time. "Sore?" he asked, reaching over. He pressed his thumbs on either side of Gabriel's spine and effectively cracked his entire back. "Plane seats will do that."

"Oh shit," Gabriel sighed, body relaxing abruptly. "That felt really good." He hummed briefly, twisting his torso.

"Massage therapist," Sam responded. He pressed his hand to Gabriel's lower back as he twisted and pressed in a little. "I know all the tricks."

"So it seems," Gabriel said, moving into Sam's hand gratefully. He was so tired, though, and tumbled down into the sheets after a moment, wiggling beneath the sheets.

Sam pulled the blackout curtains across the windows and came back to Gabriel's side, curling up under the blankets as well. He sighed as he relaxed, muscles loosening. "This feels incredible," he murmured, burying his face in the pillow.

Gabriel peered at him over the top of a pillow, "Don't have beds in Ireland~?" He teased.

"Oy, I sleep with me sheep," Sam muttered, laying on Cockney. He lifted his head and grinned at Gabriel, hair already mussed. "And what about you? I thought you just slept on piles of snow."

"Under the snow. It's warmer," Gabriel corrected, eyes closing as he grinned back at Sam.

"My mistake." Sam flopped back down and curled up, moaning happily. "Good night."

Gabriel woke abruptly to the sound of the alarm that Sam had set, and he was reaching for it without thinking, rolling into Sam. When it stopped making noises Gabriel rolled back over, snuggling down into the blankets again.

Sam started awake and groaned, rolling over and burying his face in the closest warm, soft item. "We should g't up," he mumbled, accent heavier when he was sleepy. When Gabriel didn't respond, he poked his back, which was startlingly close to Sam's face. "Nrrn. Gabriel."

Gabriel responded slowly, voice deep with half-sleep. "If we're very very quiet..." He breathed for a few long moments. "It'll be easy to just...drift off again." Gabriel twisted a little under the blankets.

Sam leaned up over Gabriel and prodded his cheek. "We're in London," he chirped. "Camden has the best pubs, come on."

Gabriel snapped halfheartedly at Sam's hand with his teeth before rubbing his hands over his face. "Nnnrgh, okay." He stretched lazily, blinking up at Sam.

Sam pressed two fingers over his lips, eyes sparkling. "Don't bite," he chided gently, like he was speaking to a puppy.

Gabriel's expression shifted into a pout, and he made a soft whimper, acting it up just slightly. After a moment he winked.

"Shall I collar and tag you?" Sam asked teasingly. "Wouldn't want you getting lost in London, darling." He rolled over and out of bed, pulled the curtains away from the window to reveal the sunset-lit London street below.

Gabriel made an unpleasant sound at the burst of sunshine, rolling to his feet. "I'm sure someone'd give me a good home. Argh." He changed again, pulling on his jeans and and a light blue button down.

Sam dug in his bag and headed for the bathroom. "A moment!" he called. There was rustling, running water, and a moment later he emerged, bangs tossed in his eyes and the rest of it curling down around his ears and the nape of his neck. He wore a black silk button-down and dark jeans - both knees ripped. And boots, of all things. He flicked the light off and tossed his old clothes at a chair. "Ready?"

Gabriel, who'd finger combed his hair into place only to tug his hat back on, whistled lowly as Sam appeared again. "Should I dig through the tickle trunk again?" He wondered, eyeing his backpack.

"You look wonderful," Sam chuckled. He flicked the brim of Gabriel's hat and plucked the feather out. "This may be a bit Robin Hood, however." He laid it on the bed. "Pub?"

Gabriel took the feather and tucked it in his hat again, hidden beneath the strip of fabric acting as a band around the top. "Safe keeping," he explained. "Let's go~"

Sam draped an arm over his shoulders, chuckling, and fairly bounced out of the lift when it hit ground floor. "London!" he chirped when they were outside, the cool air exhilarating for him. He dropped his arm and nudged Gabriel forward. "Lead the way, my dear."

"As you like, Sammy," Gabriel picked a direction and started going, tugging at the smooth sleeve of Sam's shirt as he did.

Sam was content to trot after Gabriel. They wove through the crowd together, though Sam had an easier time of it because of his size - people parted way for him. After half an hour of walking, they found a cheery, quirky pub just into Camden. Sam tugged Gabriel's shirt and pointed to the sign. "Aye?"

Gabriel nodded, pushing the door open for them and slipping into the pub. It had a different air and atmosphere than the bars Gabriel was used to, the laughter more hearty, the music not quite the same. Gabriel relaxed as he moved through the tables towards the bar.

Sam ordered a beer right off the bat and sat, eyes glittering under the bar's soft lighting. "So," he said, when Gabriel had ordered his own drink. "All the way from Canada, aye? Are you happy?"

"Am I happy?" Gabriel repeated, pointing at one of the beers on tap before joining Sam. "What a strange question."

"Is it?" Sam asked. The bartender handed him a pint and he grinned, taking a long sip. "Let me rephrase it, yes? Are you, Gabriel, satisfied with your decision to brave the ocean to meet me, Sam Winchester, in London?"

"I do," Gabriel said, then shook his head, looking quizzically at Sam. "Wait, no. Sorry, what was the question?" The teasing smile lingered for a moment as Gabriel sipped his beer. "Yes, I amsatisfied with my decision. Sam Winchester. Who travelled from Ireland."

Sam chuckled, taking another sip. "I do as well," he murmured, and leaned against the bar, turning sideways to face Gabriel. "Aye, Ireland." He shot Gabriel another smile. "You realize I don't know your last name? Or perhaps you prefer to keep yourself - " he waved his hands, fingers wiggling, " - shrouded in mystery."

Gabriel shot him an amused glance. "Is that what I am? Maybe I'll keep my last name a secret, then. Keep my misty shroud of mystery~"

Sam took a long sip of beer and leaned closer. "Keep it, then," he agreed. "But perhaps you'd like to tell me other things." His hand slid up, thumb tracing under Gabriel's eye. "Like why I was not informed that you have golden eyes. How very lovely."

Gabriel snorted gently turning his face away. "They're hazel. And my last name's Engles, Sammy." He leaned closer to Sam, smiling slyly at him.

"Engles," Sam tested, rolling it in his mouth like it was chocolate. "Fitting. And sure, we can agree to disagree, but your eyes are golden." He tapped the tip of Gabriel's nose. "No need for modesty."

"Right," Gabriel murmured, raising an eyebrow, "And every word you say is laced with honey, Sammy." He drank his beer, smiling.

"Only the finest." Sam finished his beer and ordered another. "So," he murmured, leaning comfortably back to survey Gabriel. "Am I what you expected?"

"You were this...warm shape inside my head," Gabriel said, rolling his glass between his hands. "But you act like I thought."

Sam tilted his head - the thought was insightful. "Warm, mm?" He grinned at the bartender as he dropped off another pint and raised it to his lips.

Gabriel sketched in the air, "Brown hair, FACE, body body body." He tipped back the rest of his beer and ordered another.

Too busy choking on his beer to respond, Sam waved a hand at Gabriel in a manner that hopefully meant stop stop I think I'm going to die from lack of oxygen. "My goodness," he snorted when he was functional again. "Gabriel, you are - " He dissolved into laughter again.

Gabriel eyed Sam up, grinning. "Pretty accurate? I think it was pretty accurate." The word Sam was probably looking for was 'ridiculous' but Gabriel would let him say it.

"Very accurate. Perhaps add another 'body'. I am a shitload of tall person," Sam said. He gulped down beer and leaned over to kiss Gabriel's cheek, then clinked their glasses together.

"You are," Gabriel agreed, unsucessfully trying not to sound too pleased about it. He shifted closer into Sam's space, squinting out to survey the room.

Gabriel was practically leaning into Sam's chest, but he wasn't about to complain. He shifted his beer into his right hand and curled his left arm along the bar, subtly around Gabriel. "How long are you staying, again?" Sam had nabbed the hotel for eight days, but Gabriel had said in one of the emails that he had a job he might have to leave early for.

"A week at least," Gabriel told him, turning his attention back to Sam, who was a lot closer than he remembered. "There are a few festivals I want to cover in France, so I was going to check them out before I flew home." He drank again, then asked, "You?"

Sam shrugged in response, taking another sip. "I don't technically have to be anywhere until autumn semester begins."

Debating for a brief second, Gabriel offered, "You could go with me, if you wanted, then." Could, if... If Gabriel got too attached, he'd steal Sam away with him anyway.

"I could," Sam said softly. He met Gabriel's eyes, held the gaze, then relaxed a little back and sipped again. "I'd quite like that."

"Cool," Gabriel said, polishing off the drink and contemplating a third. "We'll have to figure that out when it rolls about."

"Yeah," Sam sighed, smile relaxing a little. "We have a week until then, anyhow." He finished off his second beer and leaned against the bar, grinning hazily at Gabriel. "You really are very lovely."

"You keep saying that, babe," Gabriel said, pressing a light kiss to the curve of Sam's jaw. "You're making me feel all pretty-like."

Sam blinked down at him, cheeks tinging red. He was a very naturally affectionate person, but that was a bit... "Ah..." he said, and then went silent. His fingers pressed to Gabriel's arm. "You are very pretty."

Gabriel snorted, patting Sam on the cheek. He waved for another beer, spinning on the stool to face the bar. He didn't seem to notice Sam's abrupt silence.

Sam too ordered another beer. He was very not enough drunk to be crushing on his pen pal that he'd only met hours ago. The beer this time was darker, an ale, and it went down smoothly. Sam purred, keeping silent as he watched the bartender mix.

Foot bouncing absently, Gabriel tried to relax into the cheerful hum of the room, turning off the constant camera of his mind. Photos everywhere, moments in time there and gone. He tapped his fingers over Sam's arm on the bar, momentarily quiet as he worked through his beer.

The steady tap of Gabriel's fingers on his arm was... distracting, and after a long glass of the ale, Sam worked up enough bravery to lean over and return the kiss along the side of Gabriel's jaw. It was unassuming and quick, but present.

Gabriel's fingers pressed into a slide over Sam's forearm, as he blinked out of his daze to focus on Sam again. "Shots?" He asked without thinking about it.

Sam nodded enthusiastically. He waved the bartender over and ordered three shots each. They came with a dish of salt and lemon wedges. Sam licked his hand and salted it, then proceeded to suck the salt from his skin, down the shot, and bite into a lemon wedge, his eyes on Gabriel's the entire time.

Gabriel could have laughed at the enthusiasm, but he licked across his hand instead. Salt, lick, shot, lemon - Gabriel didn't flutter his gaze up at Sam until he'd dropped the rind to the side, tongue flickering out to lick the salt from the corners of his mouth.

The entire thing was a show for Sam, he felt. This time, he reached over and took Gabriel's hand, raised it to his lips, let them rest on the curve of the bone of his wrist, asking.

Smile curving his lips, Gabriel reached for the salt, watching Sam.

Sam slid his tongue across the press of the bone and sucked gently, his teeth sinking in just a little. He pulled back and snagged a shot, waiting for Gabriel to salt his arm.

Shifting closer, Gabriel salted his wrist, slipped a lemon between his teeth to offer to Sam. He was enjoying himself far too much.

Sam sucked the salt off Gabriel's skin and slammed the shot back. It burned down his throat, leaving him shivering. Without thinking, he leaned forward to steal the lemon wedge from between Gabriel's lips, theirs brushing as he snagged the lemon and pulled it back. He bit down, licking up juice. There was a beat of silence as he stared at Gabriel, and then the entire place erupted in applause and Sam turned away, beet red.

Gabriel ran a thumb along his lip, winking at their audience. He waved the bartender over, indicating a bottle from the racks, and leaned forward to speak into Sam's ear once he had it in his hand. "Let's take off," Gabriel suggested, voice low and amused.

"Yeah," Sam agreed, trying not to look at their apparent fans. He waited for Gabriel to grab the bottle, stood and reached back for his wallet to split the cost. "Call a cab, I can't remember how to get there."

"Lazy," Gabriel slurred slightly, pulling his phone out to call one as they left the pub. "We can totally walk from here." He was totally fairly sure he knew the way.

"If we get raped and beaten in some shoddy alley, I am blaming you," Sam slurred back, draping an arm over Gabriel's shoulders.

"But I...called..okay fine." Gabriel slid an arm around Sam's back as they started a little ways down the street.

They made their way unsteadily from the pub back to their hotel. Sam tripped on the threshold of the lift and almost cracked his nose on the back wall. He turned and fell back into it, giggling.

Gabriel was having a poor time of the buttons, jabbing at them with the base of the liquor bottle. He got the floor lit up eventually, and staggered into Sam as the elevator started going.

Sam wrapped an arm back around his shoulders, holding him as steady as he could. "You weigh a ton," he groaned, dragging Gabriel out of the lift and into the hallway.

"It's all that mysterious shroud," Gabriel informed him, getting his feet in working order and digging in his pockets for the roomkey. "Gettit off."

Sam pushed his hand into Gabriel's pocket and yanked the card out, opened the door for him and pushed him inside. "You tol' me your last name, lass," he responded, grinning blearily at his companion.

"You," Gabriel said, as if it were a secret, pulling Sam into the room by the front of his shirt, "Had y'hands in my pants." He laughed, hummed after.

"Wow, you are sauced." Sam prodded Gabriel back toward the bed, stole the bottle of liquor out of his hands. He wasn't exactly sober, but he seemed better off than Gabriel. Irish blood, perhaps.

Booze always made Gabriel's tongue loose - a bad side effect at the best of times. His eyes were slightly unfocused, but steady on Sam as he looked up at him. Gabriel reached a hand out for him.

Sam took his hand, raised an eyebrow as their fingers tangled together. He took a step closer, liquor dangling from his other hand.

Gabriel wiggled his fingers once, motioning for the bottle as he swayed, humming something under his breath. "Hard liquor...hits m'hard." Didn't mean it didn't taste good, though.

"I hadn't guessed," Sam said dryly. He held up the bottle and uncapped it, then handed it over. "You're quite drunk enough, however, darling."

"Ooodley doodlely doo," Gabriel sang, toasting him with the bottle and then tipping it back carefully. Quite seriously he passed the bottle back saying, "If y'still like me in th'morning. Then we're all good."

Sam ruffled his hair, like he was patting a particularly stupid puppy, but his expression was all fondness. "You are exactly as I had thought," he said softly, and steered Gabriel toward the bed. "A lie-down, yes? I'd rather like if you didn't pass out and hit your head."

"I'd rather yes that too," Gabriel said, hitting his knees at the bed and crawling over to move off the other side. He was heading towards the window, unfocused eyes intent on the skyline. "Mhm."

Sam let out a huffed laugh and caught Gabriel in his arms as he padded unsteadily to the window. He wrapped his arms around the shorter man's chest - to hold him upright, of course - as they stopped mere inches from the glass, both staring out. "Such a beautiful city," Sam murmured, setting his chin on Gabriel's head.

Gabriel made an affirmative noise, leaning back in Sam's grip. After a moment he mumbled decidedly, "You're like...a snuggie."

"Snuggie?" Sam asked, confused. He met Gabriel's eyes in the reflection of the window for a moment, then resumed staring out at the city.

"Poncho blankety thing," Gabriel explained, squirming until he'd turned around in Sam's hold, cheek rubbing against Sam's chest. "People live in 'em, cause they're too comfy to leave ever."

Sam blinked, not quite understanding - the most he could garner was a fuzzy blanket with... sleeves? - but his attention was quickly captured by Gabriel's squirming. He blinked down at his correspondant, now half-buried in him and nuzzling him like a kitten. "I see. I think living in me is rather impossible, though, my dear."

"Sounds warm," Gabriel decided sleepily. Breathing deep against Sam's shirt, he relaxed almost completely for a moment. Then some sort of distant awareness poked at him, and Gabriel pulled back abruptly, blinking up at Sam. "Maybe I'll go..." He muttered confusedly, moving to go to the bed.

"Wait, Gabriel - " Sam's accent muddled Gabriel's name, making it come out more as Gobreel; he'd spoken too quickly and with too little care. He stopped, collected himself. "Gabriel," he repeated, then thought better of it. "... Yes. Bed. Sleeping would be best. Less hangover."

"Jus...wanna lie down," he told Sam, doing just that. He snuggled into the blankets just as he had with Sam's chest.

Sam watched him for a moment. "I am going to shower," he said after a moment. "Back in a moment." And, okay, if he took a longer and colder shower than was necessary, no one needed to know. He stepped out, feeling somewhat more in control of himself, and toweled his hair. It wasn't like he hadn't thought about it. Gabriel was smart, charming, witty. He was what Sam looked for in people - and he lived a world away.

He sighed and headed back out, flipping off lights as he went. The 1/4 of the bed Gabriel hadn't sprawled over, he took for himself, tugging the blankets over his waist.

Gabriel had half crawled out of his shirt, hat on the floor among his shoes and socks, half a pant leg. Feeling Sam wiggle in, he slowly edged over to give him room, entirely too much effort spent in doing so.

Sam wasn't sure if Gabriel was moving over to try and be conscientious and give him room, or because Sam had pretty
much almost ravaged him against the window. He shifted and tucked an arm behind his head, eyes half-closed. "Good night, Gabe."

"Rockabye, Sammy." Gabriel said in response, dragging one arm out to flop at Sam, half-patting his shoulder before drawing away again.

Sam reached over and patted Gabriel's chest in return, then flipped over so his back was to his companion. Unless Gabriel was one of those magical people that didn't get hangovers, his was going to be a bitch. He drifted off a few moments later.

Gabriel laid awake for a while, humming to himself as the laid there. Eventually he drifted off to sleep, some song lingering that he didn't know the name of.

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