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wordcount: ~11,500
warnings: teenage sex (legal age)
summary: There's a mysterious vandal at school and Sam is trying to discover the culprit. Gabriel is more interested in swim team and getting in Sam's pants.

NOTES: I only wrote Gabriel.

The lock belonged to the school, and other than the file with the combinations, only Gabriel knew the numbers to open it. Well, only Gabriel and Sam, but he couldn't see Sam doing this. 

Painted over the inside of the locker, over his white board of Sam Messages, post-its and schedules, there was a bright obnoxious smiley face. Then, as if for reference, a number, placing Gabriel in the group of people who'd fallen victim to someone getting into the school lockers. 

"Bitch," Gabriel muttered, scratching at the paint with one finger.

"They might be male."

Sam had a habit of appearing. He didn't make an entrance or slip, barely noticeable, into the room. He just appeared, as though the very air itself had split apart and transported him from one place to another. Most people were uncomfortable with it. Sam understood; appearing was not on most peoples' ability list. 

He peered around the open door of Gabriel's locker at the smiley face, then at Gabriel's lock. "You smeared potential fingerprints," he sighed, glancing at the steel lock.

Not psychic," Gabriel said. He pushed the door open so Sam could examine it to his heart's content, and dug in his backpack for the notes he'd opened his locker for. "Besides, that'd be easy, right?"

Sam hummed and stepped in closer, tracing the edges of the smiley with his fingertips. He had incredibly sensitive fingertips. Some people would have considered it good for sex; Sam considered it good for doing his job. Well, his unofficial job. "Gabriel, how many times have I told you?" he murmured, leaning in close to inspect the paint.

"Gloves are for winter and kinky activities," Gabriel replied as he flipped through his agenda. "How many times have I told you."

"Gloves are not sexual," Sam pointed out, and clarified, "Nothing is ever easy. There are varying degrees of difficulty that can make any one activity difficult for one person. It is a simple law of ratios." He ran his finger down the paint again. "This is acrylic."

Gabriel raised an eyebrow, mouth quirking in an amused smile. "Gotta do better than that, Sammy. Course it's acrylic. Y'can smell oil and spraypaint." He shooed Sam to one side so he could close the locker. "And gloves can be sexual."

"It's acrylic from Weston's," Sam responded, shoving back, a careful push of both palms. "Gloves are not sexual. Pornography is sexual. The two do not relate."

"Y'keep thinking that, sweet pea," Gabriel said, reaching up to pat Sam on the cheek. "So it's Weston's. Not exactly Italy rare or anything."

Sam narrowed his eyes at Gabriel. "There is no need to be patronizing. Pet names are a particularly petty form of doing such." He twisted round to look at the paint again. "We should go to Weston's, then."

Gabriel smiled at Sam, something soft he sometimes didn't think Sam really understood. "Also signs of affection, Sammy. Don't get cranky." He slung his backpack over one shoulder. "And oh, should we?"

"Affection - " Sam cut off and pursed his lips, was silent for a moment. "Yes, we should," he eventually said, with a long-suffering sigh. "We should ask for the receipts of recent customers and see if there is anyone buying spray paint in copious quantities."

"My god, you're such a creeper," Gabriel started off down the hall, about to swing by the office to report his locker. "And considering that's coming from me, you should probably be concerned."

Sam frowned after him, walking silently in the path Gabriel cleared through the morning crowd. "Do you want to find out who interrupted your locker's peace or not? I, for one, would like to solve this case."

"Case," Gabriel tossed a look over his shoulder, "You're doing that again? You know you're a high schooler, right?" Same old arguement, but Lord, Gabriel loved making it - loved ruffling Sam's feathers however he could, even if it made Sam frustrated. As far as Gabriel was conserned, it was an excersize of some sort. Who knew in what, but something.

"Judging by the statistics of my specific class of IQ, I could have graduated college by now," Sam responded sensibly, the same response as always. "And yes - a case." He gave Gabriel one of his rare, small, soft smiles. "After all, there are only a few reasons I continue to attend high school."

Gabriel's gaze flickered down, catching the smile. It was something he looked for, more than he probably should. But coming from Sam, it was fucking gold. He continued down the hall once the smile had tugged away. "Easy classes equals more time to pursue your own projects, I know."

Sam smothered another smile. Today was a good day. "Of course, that must be it." His voice was utterly deadpan as they stopped in front of the main office. There was a line of about six or seven students. Sam's frown returned. His breathing deepened for a moment. "They have all been tagged."

"Fucker's quick," Gabriel noted, stretching his arms above his head with a sigh. "Screw this, I'll stop in later. Weston's you said?"

"Yes." Sam's eyes followed the obtuse angle Gabriel's arms made. He shifted as he saw the list of seniors who had scribbled down their college of choice and their gleeful acceptance signatures on the line next to it. "Have you selected a college yet?"

Gabriel shrugged one shoulder, didn't quite answer. He was aiming for a free ride - a swimming scholarship. Doing well with it too. "Whoever'll take me, I guess." He still had to figure out what he'd study.

Sam nodded. He didn't like the idea of being separated from Gabriel. His home life was less than adequate - his parents were almost constantly away and his brother was in the military - and Gabriel was the sole person in his life who had held a consistent relationship with him. "Make sure it is a place you'll enjoy," he said finally, lost for words.

"I just wanna swim," Gabriel mumbled, mostly to himself. He was a bit of a class clown, a joker. Most people knew him for the mischevious look in his eyes, or the sound of him laughing. Sam got all the real things about him, even if Gabriel gave them relucantly. He tugged on his friend's sleeve, "C'mon. Let's question cashiers, or whatever it is you wanna do."

"Then you should swim," Sam said sensibly. He wove through the waning crowd, never once brushing anyone. He was weird about touch, mostly. Didn't like the feeling of people being close enough to meld their bodies in the simplest of ways. As they stepped out through the front doors and headed for Gabriel's car, Sam murmured, "I can walk. You don't have to accompany me."

"Yes I do," Gabriel said easily, flicking through his key ring for the car key. His car was a blue, beat up old Toyota Corolla, small and angular, kept together in mostly one piece from when his older brother had bought it in the eighties. 

Gabriel swung into the driver's seat and then leaned across to unlock the passenger's side. The radio didn't work, but there was a fair sized box of tapes in the back, cassettes that were the hard work of garage sale scrounging in the summers.

Sam's lips quirked. He slipped into the car, pulling the door shut, and arranged himself neatly with his backpack between his feet. He liked Gabriel's car because it was a mess of wonderfully coherent things, somewhat like Gabriel himself. He let his hand rest on the sun-warmed leather handle and leaned into the door, eyes focused beyond the window. "It's going to rain," he said vaguely.

"Oh, I didn't realize I caught the newscast," Gabriel teased, backing out of his spot, mildly careful not to hit any kids as he did so. They moved slowly out of the lot and then out of the area, on their way to Weston's. "So, y'gotta plan or something?"

"Not at the moment," Sam said, voice soft. He was still watching out the window, chin tipped upward. "First I would like to speak to a cashier and secure records from Weston's, and then I suppose we will have to press on from there."

Gabriel eyed the sky briefly as he drove, nodding in response to Sam. The tape playing was some backwater bluegrass thing he picked up because the names of the songs pleased him. "Why d'you say it's gonna rain?"

Sam shrugged. He didn't often have concrete reasoning that meant something to other people; he simply knew things, based on a gut instinct he'd always had. "It just is. A good rain." He leaned back in his seat, posture almost casual. "You like rain."

"It's not gonna just rain cause I like it," Gabriel said, amused, fingers tapping as they rested low on the steering wheel. He shifted gears, muttering encouragements under his breath as his little car chugged up a hill.

"Nonetheless," Sam said, and droplets scattered across the windshield in one burst the moment the word had left his lips. He allowed himself to be smug for a moment. Gabriel should have known by now that Sam was always right.

"This proves nothing," Gabriel said, pleased despite himself. He really did love the rain - loved it like swimming and pretty much anything that involved water.

Sam's lips quirked. "It proves I am right," he said, and reached over to run one fingertip down the back of Gabriel's hand. "Your car needs an oil change, Gabriel," he continued as though nothing had happened, his hands back in his lap. They were nearly to the shop; Sam's mind was already there, formulating questions.

Gabriel's gaze flicked over even though he was somewhat used to Sam's odd touches. They were rare and strangely paced, something that Gabriel really liked. Not that he said anything about it. Not that they said anything about it. "My car needs a lot of things, Sammy."

"Perhaps it would run better if you treated it." But Sam honestly didn't mind. He liked Gabriel's car, odd as it was. They pulled up to Weston's and back into the parking lot. "Third over," Sam murmured, pointing at a spot.

"My girl doesn't need to be all tarted up," Gabriel muttered, pulling into the indicated spot. Gabriel couldn't really afford a few major repairs, but it wasn't like there was much he could do about that. Gabriel stretched when he climbed out of the car, eyeing the art store.

Sam climbed out as well and carefully shut his door, eyes following Gabriel's. His gaze doubled back, and he reached up, drawing a fingertip along Gabriel's cheek to brush an eyelash away. "We should get sales records," he said firmly, turning to the shop.

"If they'll give them to you," Gabriel said, following after Sam. He brushed his hand across his cheek, as if to chase the lingering touch away. He jogged a little to catch up.

That was the part Sam was concerned about. He wasn't the best at dealing with people, and was honestly surprised Gabriel had stuck around this long. He slipped inside and located a cashier, who he spent several fruitless minutes trying to convince that he needed the sales records of any persons under 18.

Gabriel liked watching Sam, especially to other people (yeah yeah he'd gotten over his creeper status a long time ago), but this was getting especially painful. He tugged on Sam's sleeve, smiling charmingly at the cashier, before pulling Sam aside. "Why not just ask about the paint instead of the records?"

Sam blinked at him, as though it hadn't occured to him. "You do it," he murmured, pushing at Gabriel's shoulder ineffectually with featherlight palms. He was aware enough to know when a person wasn't listening to him.

Gabriel sighed, patted Sam on the cheek, and turned to talk to the cashier again, playing up the 'woe I need paint' and 'man that colour is so popular'. Tossing in a touch of flirt, Gabriel asked about the paint, teenagers using it, and whether nor not she remembered any repeat customers. When he'd exhausted the train of thought, Gabriel thanked her and returned to Sam, knowing full well he'd been listening.

There were several repeat customers who had bought the same paint in the same colour, but the crimes had all been done by the same person. The same style, the same hand. Sam let out a low, frustrated growl as Gabriel neared him. "That did not yeild the results I wanted," he muttered, dangerously close to pouting.

"Muffin," Gabriel cooed, slipping his arm around Sam and holding them side-by-side. "Maybe the kid stole the paint."

Sam stiffened at the sudden warm press of Gabriel against his side, and did that thing with his hand, where he fluttered three fingers like he wanted to do something but couldn't. "M-Maybe, yes," he agreed, averting his gaze.

Gabriel squeezed him tight then dropped his arm away, stepping out of Sam's personal space. "Or maybe he knows someone else who buys the paint." He crossed his arms over his head, wandering through the front end displays.

Gabriel's body temperature was instantly easy to miss; Sam stood for a moment, frozen in place, one hand tensed to reach out and press to Gabriel's shoulder, which was... not there anymore. He bit the inside of his lip - these sorts of instances were becoming frighteningly more common - and followed down the aisle, quietly observing.

Gabriel continued theorizing at random, seeing how long he'd be allowed to go on. "Maybe there's a box that was taken off a delivery truck. Or a special order. Or someone at the school gets it. Maybe it's the art club. Never trusted them, up on the second floor, breathing paint fumes all day..."

"You do art," Sam said. His mind had latched onto the first actual thing he picked out from Gabriel speaking. He eyed Gabriel. "You do very lovely art. But that does not mean you go around spilling water everywhere."

Gabriel turned to offer a lazy smile, one side of his mouth curling slower than the other. "Don't I?" He certainly didn't care when he did, hair dripping in the morning, from a shower or a swim, standing out in the rain, face tipped to the sky...

"I - " Sam's brain stopped processing as he went over various images in his mind: Gabriel climbing out of the swimming pool and shaking his hair out, dripping down the hall from a shower when Sam was sleeping at his house. Standing in the rain and tromping indoors with little care for wet denim. "... Yes," he murmured, voice small. "Perhaps."

Gabriel grinned, shrugging one shoulder after a long pause. "Anyway. Got another lead there, Sammy?" He snapped his fingers within Sam's line of sight to get his attention.

Sam jerked back, blinking rapidly. "Unnecessary," he muttered, narrowing his eyes at Gabriel. "I suggest we ask the store to temporarily cease sales of this color."

"Good luck with that, kiddo," Gabriel drawled. Just cause Sam was his friend, didn't mean he softened his words - tact and he were not companions of any sort.

"It's only logical!" Sam argued. "If the perpetrator buys another colour, we can trace his purchasing pattern." He sighed, calming himself. "Otherwise, I will have to re-examine three or four of the lockers - one being yours - to come to any other conclusive direction."

"I get it, I get it," Gabriel raised a hand - he hasn't meant to offend Sam's logic of all things. "But this is retail and you don't have a badge to flash."

"That is irritating. I could be much more efficient with one." Sam sighed and leaned back against the shelves. "You are of little help at the moment."

Gabriel shrugged, "I'm meant for delicate information gathering, distractions and getaway cars."

Sam huffed another sigh and reached out hesitantly to rub Gabriel's shoulder in the curve of his palm. "Will you drive me home?" Sam hated going home. He tried not to make it apparent, but the closer he got the tenser he became, the easier it was to get him to snap and snarl rather than speak softly, the way he usually did. He despised it, but he had no other choice, not for another four months.

"Oh, so you're staying over?" Gabriel said lightly, the same offer he always made when that particular tension creeped into Sam's gaze. Gabriel's mother liked Sam, had managed to raise a kid like Gabriel, and didn't mind another body in her house. Gabriel never knew his father, and with Sam around, it wasn't so silent in the halls. Gabriel made it a point to steal Sam away and keep him over whenever he could.

Sam's gaze flickered. He fitted his hand over Gabriel's shoulder and squeezed gently. "Thank you," he murmured, and like that, the expression was gone, the weight lifted from his shoulders. He tipped his chin back and sighed, flicking his bangs out of his eyes. He never understood why Gabriel wanted him around so much, enough to keep him at his house.

If Sam were the type for hugs, Gabriel would have done it then, when Sam wasn't looking at him with his usual analyzing gaze. Gabriel settled for a smile and a brush of his hand along Sam's elbow - it became a squeeze almost without thought. "Ma likes you better than me anyway," he teased, tugging at the sleeve and then moving out of the store.

"Because you behave like a wild animal," Sam responded, completely deadpan, though he was teasing. Gabriel had flourished in his upbringing, even with the shortcomings; Sam had not, even with the full life he'd been offered. He let himself be tugged out to Gabriel's car and climbed into the familiar passenger seat with a quiet, contented sigh.

"Not entirely," Gabriel quipped, popping a different tape into the deck before backing out of the spot. His hand along the headrest of Sam's seat brushed through the length of Sam's hair slightly as he turned to look behind him. "You taught me to sit and roll over. Still working on fetch though."

Sam leaned back into the touch. Despite his general dislike of contact, Gabriel was different. Gabriel was always different. "Let us not forget speak. I sometimes wonder if I truly had to teach you that one, though."

"If you wanna train me, you gotta do it right, Sammy," Gabriel scolded, flicking his fingers at the back of Sam's neck before pulling away. He took the quickest route home, cranking down his window as far as it would go (about halfway) to pull the breeze in the car.

Sam figured that was a joke, but he'd done research. ... A few times. It was fascinating, how the human mind could be programmed. He cleared his throat and followed the pull of Gabriel's hand, the drift of his fingers over the steering wheel. Gabriel always seemed to move away. Sam wondered if he thought Sam didn't like his touch. "Thank you for taking me home," he murmured, eyes shifting out the window.

Gabriel shrugged one shoulder, watching the road. "I keep telling you, you should just move in already."

"I'm sure your mother would object," Sam responded, monotone. But he wanted it so badly he could taste it.

"My mother," Gabriel said at length, "Is much to polite to point out that there's a spare bedroom that you use all the time, and that you have clothes in the closet most days."

Sam bit the inside of his lip, refusing to look back in the car lest he let his mask crack. "I cannot impose, Gabriel. Not like that."

Gabriel sighed heavily, pulled into the residential area that his house was tucked away into. "I'll convince you one day," he half-promised.

Sam finally glanced back at him. "You are so adamant," he said softly, and it wasn't a complaint.

"It's why I need training," Gabriel said with mock sadness. He pulled a tragic face, slanting it Sam's way.

Sam raised his hand, ran the tip of his index finger down the bridge of Gabriel's nose. "Or self-control."

Gabriel's eyes fluttered shut in unison with the path of Sam's finger, flicking open again afterwards. "I have excellent self control," he murmured, eyes a little more serious. The gaze shifted away as Gabriel parked the car.

"Do you," Sam responded. He wasn't good at social cues, but he had the abrupt feeling that they weren't really talking about what they had been before. He rested his fingers on the handle, crooking them and tugging it a little.

Gabriel pulled out the car keys and kicked the door open before saying quickly, "Yes." He twisted over into the backseat for his backpack and then got out of the car.

It took a moment for Sam to realize he'd been left in the car alone. He grabbed his backpack and slid out, shutting the door. He tugged the handle again, checking to see if it was locked, and trailed after Gabriel into the house.

Gabriel didn't have as much care for his car, went into the house and held the door for Sam as he toed off his shoes. Shouting through the house for his mother didn't yield a reply and Gabriel was left to figure that she was still at work. His mother was a nurse, long nights and weird hours wasn't exactly unusual.

"Thank you," Sam murmured. He slipped his own shoes off and arranged them neatly next to Gabriel's haphazardly-discarded ones. He settled his bag down as well and peeled his socks off. He hated socks. "Can I make french toast?" he asked, heading for the kitchen. Sam was actually an incredibly good cook, considering how much he hated messy activities.

"Yes, please," Gabriel said. He loved it when Sam cooked, loved when anyone cooked, really, but his friend made the best...well, everything. Gabriel paused in the living room, fingers flicking through the bars of his mother's bird cages, fingers brushing bright coloured feathers. "Cinnimon ones?" He called out.

Sam was already efficiently pulling out everything he'd need. Cinnamon was already settled in the mixing bowl next to eggs and sugar. "Of course," he responded, grabbing a second bowl and flicking the stove on. He paused to watch Gabriel a moment. He often thought of his friend with wings; his affinity for birds was fitting.

Birdies greeted and watered, Gabriel wandered into the kitchen to sit down and watch Sam cook. He still couldn't understand how Sam didn't just move the eff in - he looked like he lived there already. Gabriel leaned back on the back legs of the chair, humming thoughtfully to himself.

Sam settled a pan on the stove and mixed everything swiftly. He made Gabriel's first, a stack of four with extra cinnamon and butter. He handed it over gracefully in the midst of his work, pausing for only a second to set the plate in front of Gabriel on his way to the fridge. His own stack was slightly smaller and made with less sugar, but he was smiling as he sat down and drizzled syrup over them. He really did love cooking; he could be precise with it and no one would comment. "Good?"

"Hells yes," Gabriel said easily, fork bobbing from his lips as he replied. His french toast was cut haphazardly, stacked in patterns that made sense to him. He stabbed through another piece and chewed thoughtfully. "Gonna swim tonight?" Gabriel did laps night and morning, played around in the water whenever else he could get away with it. His English homework was ignored, stuffed in his backpack somewhere.

Sam nodded, finishing his own toast, which was cut in neat little strips. "Of course, if that's what you want." He didn't quite get Gabriel's fascination with water, but it was... pleasing to see him cut through the water, sleek and agile as a fish. "I took my trunks back home, though."

"Y'can borrow a pair," Gabriel said, licking the cinnimon from his lips before snagging Sam's plate to drop in the sink. "Or go without, but what would the neighbours think?"

"Have I ever cared what other people think?" Sam monotoned. It was mostly a joke, but it was also true. The only person whose thoughts he cared for was Gabriel, and Gabe knew it.

"Well," Gabriel said, tossing a toothy grin over his shoulder, "Then that's entirely up to you, innit?" He pushed the dishes from the cooking into the sink as well and rinsed water over everything.

Sam stood silently and approached Gabriel from behind, steps uncertain. He felt as though he should say something, do something. But he didn't. He leaned against the counter next to Gabriel's arm, watching water pool in the sink.

Gabriel's arm pressed against Sam's when he leaned over to turn off the tap, and he pushed the pan handle to fit the other direction. He was fond of water, but not washing dishes.

Sam let himself feel it for a moment, then pulled away, perhaps more sharply than intended. He turned his gaze away. "Perhaps I should work on our case rather than swim."

Gabriel pushed away from the sink, eyeing Sam. "Y'don't have much to go on, Sammy." Then, because it had never stopped Sam before, "Brain probably goes faster when I'm not bothering you, anyway."

"You don't bother me," Sam murmured, in a rush, and then slower, "You don't bother me." He stepped back, a halting half-stutter of a step.

Gabriel offered a crooked smile, a hand running through his hair as he half turned away. "Sure I do. I bother you intentionally."

Sam shrugged. "Even when you do that, it's - " He shifted. "Endearing, I suppose."

"Mom would shit herself laughing if she heard you say that."

"I suppose she would," Sam said. His lips quirked at one corner, and he pulled away again, back toward the door.

Gabriel watched him go for a moment before starting after him. "Well, I'm gonna go swim. If you wanna join me, you know where all my shit is."

Sam nodded. "Yes." He gave Gabriel a small, uncomfortable smile and withdrew toward the living room.

Gabriel ignored Sam's awkwardness - it wasn't something particularly new, and it didn't ping as something he needed to press. Going upstairs for a pair of trunks (not his competition gear, no need to scare the neighbourhood cats), Gabriel moved outside, flicking on the outdoor lights that poked up from the grass. With the pool lights lit and a towel on the chair, Gariel slipped into the pool and began a few leisurely laps, face tilted to watch the sky for a bit.

Sam managed exactly six-point-two minutes of sitting in Gabriel's living room, watching the sun dip below the horizon. He eventually slipped upstairs and changed into one of Gabriel's multiple pairs of swim trunks, stole a towel and slipped downstairs, padding out through the porch and onto the cement around the pool. He tossed the towel on a chair and settled on the edge, legs dangling in the water.

Gabriel caught sight of Sam as he lifted his head from the water to pull a breath of air. After a few more speedy laps from one side to the other - breaststroke, butterfly, a quick front crawl. Flipping his hair out of his face when he touched at the pool's end, Gabriel looked over at Sam. "Technically," he panted lightly, eyes bright from the exertion, "Gotta get in the water to swim."

Sam's eyes were lazily half-closed, his gaze lingering on the muscles of Gabriel's arms as he spoke. "I will swim when I so desire, Gabriel." He was honestly content just to watch, but God forbid he ever say that to Gabriel.

"My own spectator, then," Gabriel swam closer, kicking lightly under the water. He paused at the center of the pool, treading. "Any developments on your case?"

"I was unable to focus on my case."



Gabriel leaned back, curling his fingers just above the water. "C'mon. Relax with me."

Sam blinked down at him and sighed, slipping into the water. "I'm relaxed, Gabe."

Gabriel smiled, slow and wide as he watched Sam slip into the water. Nothing, nothing intended, but he did love Sam wet. "Don't think so, if you're not focussed."

"I'm relaxed," Sam repeated, letting his body go limp and leaning back so he could float and stare up at the emerging stars. "Beautiful," he murmured, still staring up.

"Something's got you distracted." Gabriel drifted over, swirling the water around Sam as he twisted to float next to him. The sky couldn't really be seen from Gabriel's window, but somehow, floating in the pool, it was a like the rest of the world had faded away.

Sam went on, softly, as though Gabriel hadn't spoken. "Not the stars. The stars have simple, scientific explanations. It's the empty spaces, where there is nothing."

"You think the nothing is beautiful," Gabriel repeated, amused and surprised by Sam, yet again. The beauty of nothing...what a strange idea.

"Yes," Sam murmured. Quieter, "I think a lot of things are beautiful."

There was something there - Gabriel could feel the strange tangible something in the air. "Like what," he asked, feet swirling enough to turn Gabriel around, lie back the same direction.

"Like words that don't fit in iambic pentameter. Like a crushed Pepsi can. Tree branches. Water." Sam trailed his fingers along the surface of the pool. "Mathematicians' hands. Swimmers."

"What an odd collection of things," Gabriel said, a little hoarsely. He dropped below the water to think and then resurfaced, blinking up at the sky again. "Swimmers, hm?"

Sam's gaze didn't waver from the sky. "Of course."

Of course. How was he supposed to take that? "Because of the water, you mean?" Gabriel tried thinking like Sam for a moment, follow the logical conclusion.


"Because I'm pretty and you'd take me in a manly fashion?"

Sam's fingers fluttered under the water. He closed his eyes and kicked his feet a little, moving further away.

Wrong again. "Just because, then," Gabriel concluded, twisting to use Sam's side as a surface to (gently) kick off from. He floated away.

"You're quick to assume. It's a character flaw."

"Makes me feel alive," Gabriel drawled, "Guess I'm too used to you having reasons for stuff. Shame on me."

Sam let out a short, frustrated noise and ducked under the water to swim the length of the pool, from end to end, without surfacing. When he did surface, he took a breath and ducked under again.

Feeling the movement in the water, Gabriel lounged against the pool's end, watching Sam swim back and forth. An appreciative smile lingered all the while.

After six or so laps, Sam surfaced and gasped for breath, turning on his back again. "You were not wrong," he said, huffing out a long breath.

"There," Gabriel said, likely a touch too smug, "Don't you feel better?"

Sam's eyebrows furrowed. "You knew?"

Gabriel turned, elbows up on the pool edge, turned away from Sam. "I can figure you out sometimes, Sammy."

Sam was silent for a moment, then breathed, "Why didn't you say anything?"

"....I did say something," Gabriel said, turning to raise an eyebrow at Sam.

Blinking, Sam dropped his legs so he was standing, eyes narrowed slightly at Gabriel. "... What are you talking about?"

"A relaxing swim?" Gabriel let one arm drop so he could half face him. "Seriously, Sam. Are you okay?"

Sam's gaze flickered and faded; he slid back again to float. "I am fine. On a separate wavelength, but physically, yes, I am fine."

"I wasn't talking physically." Gabriel gave his head a tap, then pushed out to swim towards Sam. "What were you talking about?"

"Obviously nothing important," Sam responded, eyeing Gabriel's approach and swimming away in equal tandem.

"Wh-" Gabriel made a face, slipping quite easily into a proper swim, "What the hell, Sam?"

Sam rolled his head forward, blinked owlishly. "What?"

"Tell me," Gabriel said reaching for Sam's shoulder, pale above the water. "What wasn't I wrong about?"

Instinct that had been honed over years, the sharp someone is close twang that Sam had so perfected made him jerk away. He brought his feet down again and stood. "I needed a swim," he said vaguely, backing further away.

It brought Gabriel up short, as if he'd been slapped. He came into an abrupt stop in the water, eyes narrowing. Wordlessly, he turned and went back to swimming laps.

Sam bit down on the inside of his cheek, guilt rising up in him quite suddenly. It tasted acrid in his mouth, and something felt terribly wrong, like he'd stepped off the path and into quicksand. He hovered at the edge of the pool and watched Gabriel swim laps until he couldn't take the rising, rebelling emotions anymore. He waded into Gabriel's path and caught him by the arm in his way, soft and featherlight but backed by ironclad will. "Stop," he said quietly, when he knew Gabriel would hear him.

Gabriel was initially propelled out of Sam's grip, and he twisted in the water to recover, floating within arms reach. He slicked his hair back and rubbed the water from his eyes, gaze guarded. He spoke before Sam could. "If you don't wanna tell me, just say so. But don't pretend like there isn't anything."

"You weren't wrong about why I like swimmers," Sam said, disliking the wall in Gabriel's eyes, the steel that dimmed the natural gold.

"...Because of the water," Gabriel warily tried first.


"Oh." Gabriel was silent for a moment. "So really, swimmer - singular."

Sam's eyelids flickered once, twice. "Yes."

"Oh," he said again. What the eff was he supposed to say to that.... "But you've never..."

"I've never...? Regardless of what you may think, I am not a mind reader."

"Crushing my dreams," Gabriel muttered distractedly - he'd so hoped Sam was a mind reader, how neat would that be? "You've never said anything. Is this new? Are you repressed?" His mouth was racing ahead of his mind, likely a bad thing.

Sam leaned back, blinking. "No to both questions?"

"Were you ever going to say anything?" Gabriel rolled his shoulder, frowning.

"I had not intended to, no."

Gabriel blinked at him. "Why not?"

Sam tipped his head back. "The statistics state that it generally does not end well."

"So I definetely shouldn't kiss you or anything right now?"

Sam's eyes flicked back to Gabriel's. "Excuse me?"

Gabriel surged forward in the water, nervous energy settling somewhere high on his shoulders. "That's not a no, Sam."

Sam brought both hands up, uncertain. "I don't understand."

Frankly, Gabriel said, "I thought you were asexual. Didn't wanna have an awkward conversation, so I left that alone and didn't say anything."

Sam eyed him for a moment, about to ask why, but it honestly made sense, so he didn't question. Instead he sighed and fluttered his hands around Gabriel's shoulders for a moment before settling them there, thumbs slicking in the water dripping down from Gabriel's hair. "I don't - think I am. I have never cared to let anyone close enough to try."

"Didn't want to ruin your monkhood or whatever," Gabriel muttered, skin going alight under the touch of Sam's hands, Sam's hands and the water. "But I wanted to."

Sam shook his head, tipped his chin down. "I - you wanted to?" He was an inch away from laughing, but decided that would come across as insulting.

Gabriel made a face, figuring he left enough warning, and slipped a hand along the curve of Sam's neck. He pulled him close enough to reach, pressing up in a soft kiss.

Sam's hand fell from Gabriel's shoulder to the small of his back in reflex, helping him push up. Their difference in height had never been more apparent. He froze up a little, uncertain what to do with his body now that it was Gabriel's.

Gabriel sucked lightly on Sam's lower lip, thumb rubbing a slow circle on his neck to coax him into relaxing. His free hand smoothed over Sam's arm.

Eyes fluttering closed, Sam leaned into Gabriel, perfectly content to let him lead. He followed the cues of Gabriel's body, shivering when Gabriel's fingers dragged over a sensitive spot on his arm.

Gabriel slipped a leg around Sam in the water, pulling them closer. It was weirdgoodstrange, this with Sam. He never thought he'd have it.

Sam's free hand dropped to Gabriel's leg, following a pure instinct that he still wasn't entirely sure was leading him in the right direction. He parted his lips carefully, hand moving from Gabriel's back to the side of his neck, fingers stroking.

Gabriel made a soft sound against Sam's mouth, one hand drawing up to press into Sam's hair. His fingers slip-twisted in the wet strands, and Gabriel licked soft at the part of Sam's lips.

Sam gasped, shuddering once, twice. "Gabriel - " he said, pulling back. Gabriel's fingers caught in his hair, tugging, and he gasped again, bowing his head and clutching Gabriel's leg tightly.

Gabriel loosened his fingers, palm going flat along Sam's cheek. "Sammy, hey," he pressed his lips to Sam's temple, "I gotcha. Okay?"

"No, don - " Sam reached up, curled his hand around Gabriel's so his fingers tightened again. He let out another soft sound and dropped his head onto Gabriel's shoulder, shivering.

Gabriel shuddered once, his stomach going hot and tight at the reaction that Sam was giving him. He tugged lightly, turning to nip at Sam's ear.

Sam shook more violently, unsure of how to cope with the sudden onslaught of physical sensation. He settled for clinging desperately to Gabriel and keening softly in his ear, back pressed to the side of the pool.

It was a bit of a drunk feeling, seeing - causing - this side of Sam, as if he were being debaucherous in some way. Gabriel dragged his fingers over Sam's collar, nails catching light over his chest. He had the sudden, desperate desire to see Sam crumble apart in his arms.

It was all too much, too new, too soon; Sam fought to keep control of himself, thoughts racing, but numbly - he was thinking, but couldn't decipher his own stream of consciousness. He shook, arching into Gabriel, mindlessly following the pull of his nails and the press of his palm, his warm fingers.

Gabriel hooked his other leg around Sam, pressing him against the pool edge. He moved both hands into Sam's hair, tugging his head back as well, exposing Sam's neck for Gabriel to lick and nip, soothing with kisses.

Sam let out a sharp moan, hand sliding up Gabriel's back, fingers biting into the skin as he struggled for coherency. His logical mind was racing to keep up with his lizard brain, which was stating this was very, very nice and he shouldn't interrupt it.

It was Gabriel's turn to shiver, Sam's hands along his back, and his eyes fluttered closed. He bit at the edge of Sam's jaw, just enough to leave a mark, and murmured somewhere deep in his chest, "Stop. Thinking."

"Yes," Sam said, a little breathlessly because damn, Gabriel's voice was soft and low and commanding, almost a growl. He shut his brain off and dug his fingers in further where his touch made Gabriel shake.

Gabriel liked breathless on Sam, let Sam's head tip forward enough to steal another heated kiss. Gabriel squirmed against him, arching where Sam's fingers pressed, and smiled, so very pleased.

Sam shuddered out a breath and wrapped his arms tight around Gabriel. How had he never known things like this could be good? He wondered if they were good with people who weren't Gabriel, then decided he didn't want to know.

Stroking his fingers gentle along Sam's cheek, Gabriel rocked a little against him. He wondered how far Sam would go. How far he should go. All the first times in one go...? Gabriel pressed a kiss at Sam's temple, the corner of his mouth, the dip of his neck.

His nerves felt like they were splitting apart, tugging in every direction; Sam didn't know which way to press, which way to lean, where to touch. He fluttered his hands at Gabriel's shoulders and finally pushed him back, just a little, so Sam could return his touches, his lips on the curve of Gabriel's cheekbone, the corner of his eye. He was slower, unsure, but he wanted it, and he had never really wanted anything before.

His skin burned at Sam's touches, hesitant kisses that were sweeter for being given freely. Gabriel knew what kind of gift they were, how Sam didn't touch other people in general, let alone like this - it made him greedy for it, cataloguing every touch. Sam had wanted him enough to shudder apart, break the distance and reach out for him. 

"H- How far do you wanna...?" Gabriel turned into Sam's touch, meeting an exploring kiss briefly.

"I don't know," Sam said honestly. He thought it might have been the first time he had ever honestly said that to someone - seriously, at least. He pressed his fingertips hesitantly to Gabriel's jaw, following it back to rub at the soft skin below his ear. "I've never - I." He flushed, looked away.

Sam got a kiss to his cheek for looking away, then firm fingers pressing along his jaw to make him look back. "Doesn't matter," Gabriel told him, thumbing over his lip, eyes dark and focused on Sam. Gabriel leaned in to kiss him again, slow and unrushed, open for Sam to commandeer, drawing him out. "Whatever y'want, then," he murmured.

Sam shook his head, indulged in the kiss for a moment, and pulled back with a short sigh. "I - Gabriel," he muttered. "You are not - you're not understanding me. I have never done anything. At all. I barely know - Well, I know, medically, but - " He huffed out a rush of breath. "I don't know."

Gabriel breathed a quiet smile, pulling close again. One hand slipped beneath the water, fingers dragging along Sam's stomach, wiggling down. "Well, Sammy. It's just like when it's just you, only I'm gonna do that for you. If you're very good."

Sam squirmed back without thinking, eyes widening just a little. His hands clamped down on Gabriel's shoulders, holding him still. "Gabriel, um - "

Gabriel stilled, gaze going slightly serious. "Unless you'd rather I not."

"No - no." Sam wriggled, flushing along the tops of his cheeks. "I just, I never..." He swallowed audibly and looked away again, fingertips pressing into Gabriel's shoulders.

Staring at his profile, Gabriel opened his mouth to comment, only to shut it immediately after as it all clicked into place. "Oh," he said, "You've never." 

He really was ruining a monk. 

Gabriel leaned forward as much at he could, nuzzling against Sam's turned cheek. "Let's go inside," he suggested warmly.

Sam turned back, catching the corner of Gabriel's lips. "Okay," he murmured, because he didn't really know how to say no to Gabriel right now. And yes, god yes, he wanted Gabriel to touch him again. Touch him more. He turned and levered himself out of the pool, snagged his towel and stood, waiting for Gabriel to join him.

Gabriel slipped out of the pool, his hand skimming over Sam's lower back as he grabbed his towel and started inside. His mind was whirling, how to handle this, how exactly to go about it. It wasn't just about getting off, making each other feel good - this was Sam. His Sam, if he was going to be particularly possessive about it, so it was something beyond physical, even just a little bit. Gabriel toweled himself off distractedly, going upstairs to his room.

Unsure, Sam trailed after him, padding silently up the stairs and watching the smooth shift of Gabriel's muscles under his skin. Gabriel wasn't cut, per se - he was a little soft here and there, lean everywhere else, and Sam loved the way his body looked, all pretty angles and curves. He appreciated eclectic things. "Gabe," he said, pausing at the doorway, eyes wary.

Gabriel's pushing his hair back fom his face, a habitual half-twist making it fall softer on one side of the part. He turns to look at Sam, one eyebrow lifting slightly. "Sammy?"

Sam gives him a soft little half-smile, inside of his lip bitten, where Gabriel won't see. "Should I come in?"

It would've been a little conspicuous to sit on the bed, so Gabriel folded his towel carefully as he spoke, and dropped it over the back of his desk chair. "Only if ou want to."

Oh hell yes, he wanted to. Sam liked this whole wanting thing. It was new and he was savoring it. He slipped into the room, silent and unobtrusive as always, though he caught slices of Gabriel's eyes following his path across the room. He toweled his hair off a final time and folded it, draped it over the back of the chair, on top of Gabriel's. "What do you want?"

What a...thoroughly distracting question. Gabriel shrugged one shoulder, eased himself onto the bed, half sprawled in invitation. "Probably all manner of lewd and exciting things~"

Sam swallowed, eyeing the long, spread-out line of Gabriel's body. He half-tripped on his own feet over to the bed and settled down, rolling his bottom lip between his teeth. "You're very... You are - " He leaned back and rested his hand gently on Gabriel's stomach, slid it up a little. "I don't have words for you."

Gabriel leaned back into his pillows, one leg crooking around to lay along Sam's side. "Taking that as a compliment," he teased lightly, rolling his fingers in a come here fashion.

Sam obeyed, sliding down to lie on his side, facing Gabriel. He shifted closer, leaning in to shyly kiss Gabriel's chest, just over his sternum. Xyphoid process, his brain informed him, naming the spot two inches below his lips. It was a dangerous place to touch. Sam brushed a finger there, challenging his own facts.

Gabriel watched Sam with interest, brushing the hair from Sam's eyes when he drew close. His skin tightened a little at Sam's touch, Gabriel smiling, but he let him explore.

"I don't know what to do," Sam said, pulled back to watch Gabriel, his head resting on his outstretched arm. He was terribly practical about everything, but this was something entirely different. He drew Gabriel's hand to his mouth and cradled it there, breathing in the scent of chlorine.

Gabriel was very tactile-based. It was the reason he generally wasn't allowed in museums or down musical toy aisles. Although he would love to say just touch me, he doubted that wasn't the kind of direction that Sam was looking for. Gabriel considered sam for a moment, fingers light along his arm, then suggested, "Lie back. Get comfortable - close your eyes."

Sam bit the inside of his lip again but obeyed, relaxing back and shuffling a little until he could let himself go boneless and warm against the bed. "Okay," he said softly, eyes slipping closed.

"I'm going to tell you what to do," Gabriel murmured, fingers still brushing soft trails along the inside curve of Sam's elbow. "You want something more or something better, then you do it. But for now-" Gabriel dragged his nails lightly over Sam's skin, "Your chest, just like I'm doing."

"What?" Sam opened his eyes, staring up at Gabriel. "You want me to touch...?"

"Yourself," Gabriel reached over, hand pulling away from Sam's elbow, to ease his fingers over Sam's eyes. "Close your eyes. Consider this a learning experience~"

Sam squirmed, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth. "I am not - I." He twisted again and reached up, circling Gabriel's wrist gently with long fingers. "I don't know how."

Gabriel leaned down to bite gently at Sam's fingers, nipping the flesh at his knuckles. "I'm showing you. Touch me if it's easier." Far less control for Gabriel, but Sam was making that face again.

Biting was new. Sam's back arched without his consent at the warm, pretty bite of Gabriel's teeth closing on his fingers. He wanted to touch Gabriel, god, but it was obvious that Gabriel wanted to show him. He dropped his own hand to his chest, running his nails up and down.

Gabriel's fingers turned to the inside of Sam's elbow, rubbing soft circles there. "Slower," he managed. Sam clearly liked the sharper touches, and lord, Gabriel wanted to abuse that knowledge.

Sam slowed his hand obediently, concentraing on the bite of his nails and the rub of Gabriel's fingers, the paradoxical sensations making him sigh softly. He turned into Gabriel's touch a little, moving slower, circling in the hollow of his throat, at the flat of his chest, where it was almost concave.

"You've never wanted this?" Gabriel asked, quiet and curious, not at all judgemental. Unable to help himself, his fingers skipped over, pressing along the cut of Sam's hip, teasing just above the waist of his shorts.

"I didn't see a point," Sam said honestly. He shifted his hips, tilting into Gabriel's grasp. His eyes opened and half-closed again, lazily, like a cat. The featherlight brushes at his throat got to be too much and he dug his fingers in with a soft, choked-off sound.

"Hm," Was all that Gabriel had to say about that. He wanted to hear Sam make that sound again. Leaning over, Gabriel pressed his teeth lightly along he same path his fingers were taking across Sam's hip.

"Gabriel," Sam hissed, fighting to keep from twisting. He didn't think Gabriel would enjoy being smacked in the mouth by his hipbone. "Gabriel, Gabriel," he repeated softly, as though it was a prayer. He reached down, slid his fingers into Gabriel's hair.

"Hmm~?" Gabriel closed his mouth over a spot low along Sam's belly, one hand keeping him from bucking up. His other hand smoothed over Sam's thigh, kneading at the flesh.

Sam bit out a sharp breath on the edge of a low whine, fingers tightening in Gabriel's hair. He finally let the moan working its way up his throat loose, and shuddered hard, vibrating in his own skin. "Too much," he gasped, but it was clear it was the good kind of 'too much.'

Gabriel tipped his head against Sam's thigh to look up at him, gaze a little unfocused. "Is it~?" His fingers slipped teasingly below Sam's waistband.

Sam's ribcage expanded and contracted rapidly as he tried to draw in air, his skin drawing tight. He tugged sharply on Gabriel's hair, fingers biting into the blankets on the other side. "You are too much," he clarified.

Gabriel's breath hitched a little at the tug, and he smiled up at him. "Better than too little," he said, and pulled away for a moment to resettle, moving Sam's legs to sprawl between them. Gabriel kissed low on Sam's chest, then marked a trail down again.

Sam closed his eyes and leaned back, shivering under the soft brush of Gabriel's lips. "Bite," he said softly, when Gabriel hovered in the center of his stomach. And then, in case Gabriel needed more incentive (because really, you never knew with him), "Please."

"So polite," Gabriel said, teeth scraping across smooth skin. It ended with a bite to curve of Sam's waist, several more that drifted low, and Gabriel tugged down Sam's shorts a little, just enough to bite firmly at the inside of the hip line.

Sam gasped, entire body curving, like he was trying to cradle Gabriel in him. He rocked up, twisting, completely uncertain with what to do with the body he could suddenly feel. "Yes," he whispered, edge of a whine pulling from his throat.

"Fuck," Gabriel muttered and bit down again, laving over the skin before letting go. "Sammy, y'so.." He squirmed into the bed, throwing the plan to the wind and slipping a hand into Sam's shorts, palming him firmly.

"So w - " Sam cut himself off with a sharp gasp, hips stuttering into Gabriel's hand. He vibrated with the sensation, bit out, "Stop," and curled down again, wrapping his fingers with Gabriel's hair.

Gabriel froze mostly, blinkingly owlishly. He was breathing hard and he swallowed once, hand withdrawing. He'd missed some line, gone too far. Shit.

Sam's eyes were glazed, his stomach tense. He panted, trying to regain some form of coherent thought. "I need a moment," he murmured, thumb sliding along Gabriel's cheekbone. "I was..." He couldn't think of a word both appropriate and mood-upholding.

Gabriel rolled a shoulder, nodding. He massaged gently over Sam's stomach, apologetic as he could be, and waited. Overwhelmed. The word buzzed through Gabriel.

Sam lay back, breathing slowing gradually. He stroked Gabriel's cheek steadily and finally nodded, rolling his hips up into Gabriel. "Remember that I have never done anything like this," he said softly, fingers tightening.

Gabriel nodded in understanding, not quite trusting himself to talk. He slipped higher and resettled so their bodies were flush against one another, leaning in for a lingering kiss. He rocked against Sam, a slow grind once, and then again, establishing some sort of pace.

Sam's world went completely out of focus; his fingers curled against Gabriel's back, eyes glazed and too bright. He stuttered Gabriel's name and settled for trying to regain his breath instead of speaking again.

Gabriel nuzzled against the curve of Sam's neck, nipping along the collar as he moved. He rubbed a hand over Sam's scalp, pulse starting to rocket.

Body engaging itself in all manner of weird reactions, Sam was caught and taken along for the ride, his fingers biting into Gabriel's bare back. He forced himself to breathe, in, out, in, out, trapped deliciously warmly under Gabriel. He pressed back into Gabriel's hand and tried to work his fingers, pressing them along Gabriel's spine, down and up.

Gabriel swore under his breath, arching under the path of Sam's fingers. His spine, his back - both were his weakness, and he shuddered at the attention to them. Humming low, Gabriel rolled his hips firmly against Sam's, licked along the twist of Sam's neck.

Sam breathed out Gabriel's name on the falling crest of a sigh, and began mapping out the parts of Gabriel that made him shudder, made his skin prickle under Sam's fingertips. "What else?" he whispered, baring his throat to Gabriel. He wanted more, wanted closer.

Gabriel shivered hard, voice pinching off on a whine under Sam's touch. He pressed a firm bite into Sam's neck, tugged a little before letting the flesh slip free. He'd changed tactics after Sam's last reaction, but now Gabriel slipped a hand down to caress along Sam's waist. "Hm?" He asked, without putting it to words.

"More," Sam forced out, shaking harder. Gabriel's skin was flush on his, hot and still a little damp here and there, but Sam wanted all of it pressed up against him. He canted his hips into Gabriel's skin and curled his fingers between his lover's shoulders. "Please, Gabriel, I need - "

"Fuck, Sammy," Gabriel breathed, staring down at him for a moment, before he could feel his heart start beating again. He pulled back, resting on his knees, and tugged Sam's shorts off, hands smoothing over the newly exposed skin, just as hungry as the look in Gabriel's eyes.

Sam shook again, skin prickling with goosebumps as Gabriel's hands smoothed down skin that Sam had never let anyone else touch - skin he'd barely touched himself. The small of his back arched off the bed, a slow curve, his entire body pushing into Gabriel's hands.

Gabriel swore again, hand moving slow on Sam, and bent to lick a line low across Sam's belly. "So fucking pretty," he muttered under his breath, and bit a shape into Sam's hip that would last.

Sam gasped, entire body twisting under Gabriel's skilled touch. It was surprising to him, and, he was sure, to Gabriel as well, that he was so willingly opening himself up. Sam spent so much of his life carefully watching, carefully keeping himself closed up and closed off and controlled, and here he was, spread out under Gabriel and responding to his every touch, like the petals of a flower opening. "If you say so," he murmured, curving one arm up around his head and turning to bury his face in the crook of his own shoulder, eyes squeezed shut.

"No," Gabriel said immediately, the breathlessness of his voice turning the command into a plea, "Lemme see. Please." He canted his hips against Sam's, taking them both into one hand. Gabriel needed to see Sam dissolve, needed to see him fall completely apart, and he would follow.

Sam's eyes flew open and he turned his face back to Gabriel, eyes wide, pupils blown, his expression somewhat crossed between desire and fear and the utter need to trust. He arched again, breath slipping from him with a soft whine, his back arching as he rolled his bottom lip between teeth. Once he had decent motor function, his body sizzling from the new sensation, he wrapped one arm around Gabriel's neck and pulled him down for a messy kiss, rocking into him.

Gabriel nearly choked on the heat that burned though him when Sam met his gaze again. He groaned, low and long, and ground down against Sam - Sam who was taking (oh fuck oh yes), and Gabriel wanted to give him everything in that moment. Gabriel opened his mouth for Sam, hand moving faster between them.

Sam concaved his body, cradling Gabriel to him, taking everything Gabriel gave to him and struggling to give in return. Coherency was hard to grasp, and when he finaly managed he ran his nails down Gabriel's spine, seeking out the spots that had driven him wild before. Sam traced Gabriel's shoulder blades, making vague connections to angels as he did so.

Gabriel arched abruptly and some strange half-made sound went tumbling from his throat. Fuck, his back. So fucking easy to reach, fuck. 

....he might have said that all aloud.

Gabriel's half-wrung pants made Sam moan, a breathless Gabe, and wow, he'd never actually thought he would moan someone's name. He broke off, trailed his fingers featherlight down Gabriel's spine, over and over. "Gabe, Gabriel," he whispered, rocking against him.

"Oh fuck, listen to you," Gabriel rested his forehead against Sam's chest, shaking. He closed his eyes, trying to breathe, trying to think for a second. "How far d'you," A hitched breath, as he thought about it, "How far d'you wanna go?"

"I'd rather like to orgasm," Sam said, curling his fingers into Gabriel's back, shuddering and rocking into him, desperate for contact. Sex or no, he was still him.

Gabriel choked down a laugh, rolling into Sam, chest flush and hips grinding all in one movement. "Then do it," He slithered up, teeth closing on Sam's earlobe as he twisted his wrist firmly. "Orgasm, Sammy."

Sam gasped, long and low, and squirmed under Gabriel, fingers biting into his back as he came. Sensation thrilled up his spine and flushed his entire body with a rocking heat, which sank to the bottom of his stomach and flashed outward, pleasure coiling in the recesses of his synapses, screaming down his nerves. He clung to Gabriel, keening into his shoulder.

Gabriel came hard, pleasure slamming into him at seeing Sam like this, hearing him like this, a mess of sound and feeling after a sentence like I'd rather like to orgasm. He held one arm around Sam tightly, gasping until he could see again, vision focussing slightly as he collapsed into the bed.

Gabriel slumped over him, a warm and heavy weight. When Sam could manage coherent thought, he gently rolled them, pushing Gabriel onto his back and burrowing against him like a puppy, both arms wrapping tightly around him. He buried his face in Gabriel's neck, still clinging, wholly uncertain what to do with this newfound side to his body.

Making a low, pleased tone in the back of his throat, Gabriel lazily hooked an ankle over Sam's calf, tugged him close. The fingers of his hand drifted over Sam's skin, a soft absentminded caress. "Relax, babe," he rumbled, pressing a kiss to Sam's temple. Gabriel turned into him, nuzzling at Sam's cheek. "Mmm."

Sam took the time to sort out his limbs and do so, letting himself drape over Gabriel with a quiet sigh. "I really liked that," he said softly, lips brushing Gabriel's skin. He turned his head to kiss Gabriel's cheek.

Gabriel rubbed his fingers along Sam's nape, pressing a little into Sam's hair. "Thought y'might," he mumbled quietly, smiling.

Sam's eyes closed as he let out a soft hum and relaxed further, kissing under Gabriel's jaw, the soft skin in the curve of his throat. "Does this mean we...?"

"Only if you want it." Then, a moment later, "I want it."

Sam rested his hand on Gabriel's chest, fingertips skimming his sternum. "Yes," he said softly, and turned his face into Gabriel's neck again.

Gabriel smiled pleased, tension he didn't know he was carrying, leaving him. He licked Sam's cheek and settled, curling around Sam more fully.

Sam slid his arm down around Gabriel's waist and tucked his long legs up, folding himself within the curve of his boyfriend's body. He kissed the centre of Gabriel's chest in small reciprocation, and slipped into a doze, exhausted weighing his limbs down.

Gabriel closed his eyes, but didn't sleep, choosing to contently sprawl with Sam for however long it took for one of them to get bored.

Half an hour or so later, Sam stirred faintly and tipped his head up, nuzzling under Gabriel's chin. "What time is it?"

Gabriel stretched, slapping at various things on the shelf by his bed until the clock flicked around. "Seven. And two minutes."

"Doesn't your mother get home at ten past."

"Something like that."

"We smell like sex, Gabriel."

"So that's why we're kinda sticky. And naked."

"Is that supposed to be humourous," Sam muttered, but he was mostly joking and he hesitantly bit Gabriel's shoulder to show him so.

Gabriel made a surprised sound, then a pleased one. "Saying we need to shower, Sammy~?"

"Mmm," Sam hummed, tightening his arms around Gabriel's waist. "Logical."

"That'd involve standing, yanno," Gabriel noted.

"I am comfortable." Almost whining. Almost.

"Then why'd you bring it up?" Juuuust shy of smug.

"Because your mother is going to be home."

"…she's raised me. You saying she can't handle this?"

Sam blinked. "Your mother will be comfortable coming home to us naked."

"No, probably not. But we could throw things at the door until it closes?"

"... I suppose." Sam burrowed down under the covers again, tucking himself against Gabriel. "You are ridiculous."

"I'm comfortable," Definitely a whine.

Sam shook with silent laughter. "You're lazy."


With a sigh, Sam extracted himself and stepped off the bed to go close and lock Gabriel's bedroom door. "There."

Gabriel was exactly as Sam left him, sprawled and arranged to mold around Sam. He shot Sam an injured look. "Now you're all the way over there."

"I am. What are you planning on doing about this particular fact?"

Gabriel blinked with slight suprise before his gaze deepened to something more mischevious. He arranged himself on the bed, sliding his limbs into a casually provocative pose. "Come back to bed, Sammy~?"

"Mmmm..." Sam hummed softly, setting one hand on his hip. He liked that he could tease and Gabriel would respond. "It's actually quite nice over here. Cool and all. Air conditioning."

Gabriel stretched his arms up over his head while he watched Sam, turning his face to rest against his shoulder. "Can't beat that, I guess. All warm and blankets." Gabriel stretched carefully, a slow arch, a diving arch, and then relaxed completely, fingers tapping on his belly.

Sam gave in with a quiet smile and came back to bed, pushing the covers down and curling up backwards, so his cheek was resting on Gabriel's stomach and his knees were curled, pressed to Gabriel's ribs. "It is warm," he observed, and kissed the skin under his cheek.

Gabriel smoothed his fingers through Sam's hair, fingertips curling along the curve of his ear. If he were someone for mushy sentiments, he might have said something like you're sweet.

Sam leaned into his touch, eyes slipping closed, fingers moving lightly over the ridges of Gabriel's spine. Downstairs, the front door opened and closed, followed by a shout of Gabriel's name.

Gabriel ignored the shouting until ended up outside his door, knocking loudly. "Sam's over," he called out, "We're busy."

The knocking paused, followed by a somewhat amused/apprehensive, "Busy with what?" Sam flushed, burying his face in Gabriel's stomach.

"Just fooling around," Gabriel told her, rubbing his knuckles along Sam's shoulders. The tone of his voice made it clear what kind of fooling around they were doing. "If we ever get into drugs, we'll make sure to share~ with you~"

On the other side of the door, she sighed, called to Sam and told him not to get Gabriel pregnant, and said she was ordering pizza. Footsteps retreated. Sam eyed Gabriel and bit his stomach in retaliation.

Gabriel tugged on Sam's hair in response, smiling. "Not my fault she knows I'll bottom~"

"You won't," Sam said, voice rising into a squeak when Gabriel tugged a lock of his hair.

"I won't?"


Gabriel tapped his fingers on Sam's skin thoughtfully and decided that Sam was used to him being brash and forward. "Woulda rode you earlier. Happily."

Sam flushed darker. "I had assumed - I mean, I." He turned again, pressed his face into the side of Gabriel's stomach.

"Sammy," Gabriel said, practically cooing. He brushed his fingers over the blush, pressing high along Sam's cheek. "Easy. And you lecture me on assumptions~"

"This is quite a different matter," Sam muttered, a little petulantly, and sighed, turning back into Gabriel's touch.

Gabriel grinned at him, patted Sam on the cheek. "Nah. But now you know~"


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