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Well, LJ is being a dick, so I can't access my actual journal or my flist. So I suppose I'm going to have to work from here for now. I need to see a bunch of pictures for drawing refs and clicking on them off of an entry is the quickest way to go.

There's a spesific time period for this to be set in, and it's all Hikaru's fault. XD; When I first started writing it, I knew the general period of 19th century, but when I got to how I could put Hikaru into it, it became clear that it had to take place after 1868 (the Meiji Restoration) unless Hikaru had left Japan illegally. Of course, his family could have left, or he could be of mixed blood, but considering that this story is not solely about Hikaru, I took the easier path and simply had it so that Hikaru left Japan, legally and of his own decisions, post-1868, making this story take place in the late 19th century.

The spesifics don't really matter, in the long run, because I'm not dealing with historical events in the story, but for my own peace of mind, and my own care for the details, Hikaru's presence in 'the west' is unlikely, but not impossible or laughable. So there.

I suppose I could have just gone off of Shanghai Noon's background, but whateverrrr. I did my own research! *crosses arms*

general references
I don't use figure references, just design references for the costumes.

[1] [Wild West]

Pavel, aka "the Frenchman"
Westerns being what they are, I went and made Pavel French instead of Russian, just because I think it fits the genre better. I'm also a sucker for anything French in fic, but we won't go there...

reference pictures: [1] [2]

From the beginning, even in the writing, I had the idea of a blue silk shirt for Pavel. I made an initial attempt at it with this but it didn't really look right... Maybe it's a blue silk sleep shirt or something. I don't know.

Hikaru, aka "the cross-country swordsman"
I don't have a neat title for him, unfortunately. When I was writing Hikaru I was thinking about Hidalgo and sort of Shanghai Noon, but mostly the first of the two.

I'll admit, Hikaru's costume is highly made up in that I've taken references from the time period and designed something to make him look badass. XD; However, I doubt actual pieces like that existed at that time in such an arrangement. For Japanese references, I was looking at the Meiji period. ...I really wanted to have him running around in geta, but. I JUST COULDN'T DO IT.

reference pictures: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Raised from a slave-family, she and her sister were smuggled out of Missouri and to the west by her parents, who both died in the attempt. Her sister was captured by Nero's slave caravan, but you don't find that out in the story.

Jim Kirk
Came from a wealthy San Francisco family, who had found luck in the gold rush, and then had been smart in turning to silver when the gold became scarce. George Kirk was a member of law enforcement, killed in attempting to stop a slave ring, and in the process, Winona was taken captive. Jim has been looking to find his mother and avenge his father, ever since.

Leonard McCoy
From Georgia, along with his long-time nurse and assistant, Christine Chapel. They call him Ol' Doc McCoy, and Christine is the only one who ever calls him Leonard. McCoy is a surgeon mainly, but also a general practice doctor. His father died of cholera.

references: [1] [19th C Medicine] [Cholera]
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