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Title: Sharing is Caring
Rating/Warnings: PG, all in good fun
Characters/Pairings: Castiel, Dean
Wordcount: ~500
Summary: "Cas opens the door of Dean's motel room and accidently scares the shit out of some missionaries."
A/N: IT WAS REQUESTED, OK? Original post on LJ - HERE

The two men in clean navy suits smiled broadly at Castiel when the angel opened the door of the hotel room. Castiel did not smile back. and waited for them to explain what they wanted.

"Hello, I am Brian," said the first man, he then indicated his friend with a short wave of his hand, "This is Jacob and we're just going door to door tonight to talk a little bit about God."

Jacob nodded, "If you have a few minutes, we'd like to just suggest a few things about how what we can do as individuals to bring God into our lives."

Castiel's head tilted slightly to one side. "I am already seeking God."

Somewhere in the motel room, there was a clatter, abrupt swearing and then silence. After a heartbeat, Dean called out, "Cas! Can you find a better place for your damn holy oil? If I knock this thing over, then where will we be?!"

Brian and Jacob shared a glance and then looked worriedly over Castiel's shoulder. The angel stared at them in his typical manner, without much concern for Dean's complaint. After a moment, Jacob cleared his throat and then said slowly, "God...cannot be found in..." He searched for a polite way to put it. "...the objects or flesh of man."

Castiel frowned mildly. "I have an amulet that will tell us the presence of God."

Brian and Jacob looked confused, then concerned. "God's presence is all around us," Brian said. "But it is up to us to let Him into our lives."

Castiel shook his head. "No, God is missing, and we must do all we can to find Him before it is too late!" He frowned at the two men, "Surely you must understand this, if you are indeed looking for Him as well?"

"We are all looking for God," Jacob said. "And He can be found-"

"You know where He is?" Castiel asked urgently, his eyes widening. "Tell me, where is my Father?"

Brian hesitated and the two of them shared another glance. "There's not really a set place that He-"

"Lucifer is circling his vessel," Castiel said lowly, "My brother will move quickly once he has entered him - there is no time for uncertainty. If you know of where to find God, you must tell me."

The light outside the door flickered and a high whine buzzed through the air. Brian and Jacob stared aghast at Castiel, their bodies angled as if to run away. Dean appeared at Castiel's elbow, wincing but still pointing a gun out at the two men. "Cas!" He asked, "What's goin' on?"
Castiel seemed almost disappointed when Brian and Jacob made a run for it. "They had suggestions on how to find God."

Dean snorted and pushed the motel door closed. "You gotta stop listening to the laity, Cas. They don't know shit."

The lights stopped flickering and the loud buzz faded away, and somehow, Castiel managed to look even more disappointed.


Title: Driving around the block
Rating/Warnings: G
Characters/Pairings: Castiel, Bobby
Wordcount: ~140
Summary: "Castiel reunites Sam and Dean by locking them in a room together and not letting them out. Bobby helps.."
A/N: I might rewrite this one if the urge strikes. :/ I got the basic elements I wanted in there, but it's really quite woefully short. I could have done better. Original link at LJ, HERE

Castiel pushes Bobby's wheelchair down the hospital corridor slowly, as if they're going for a leisurely stroll in a park somewhere. Bobby, looking out at the door to his hospital room near the end of the hall, adjusts his cap and makes a small grunt of satisfaction at seeing the door still firmly shut.

"Tell me, angel," Bobby says, relaxing a bit in the wheelchair as Castiel peers through the glass of the door. His eyes dart from one side to the other, as if following the motion of someone inside. Bobby sighs at seeing this, then asks, "Do you feel bad locking them in there?"

Castiel looks at him solemnly. "No."

Bobby nods and motions for another lap of the hallway. "Right." Castiel takes hold of the wheelchair handles and they start slowly back the way they came. For the third time.


Title: Ping!
Rating/Warnings: G
Characters/Pairings: Castiel/Dean
Wordcount: ~740
Summary: "It's late and Dean's alone in the motel with Sam's laptop. An IM window opens from Castiel. The pair proceed to chat."
A/N: First piece of Supernatural fanfic EVER. \o/ Mostly text only because, as per usual, I wanted to get the voices down. :D Original link at LJ, HERE

Dean was checking the weather in Montana, in all honesty, when a window popped up on Sam's laptop, signalling a message from someone called 'thursdayangel'. After a pause and a slight shrug, Dean looked at it.

thursdayangel says: Sam?
ivyleaguerocksalt says: who's this?
>thursdayangel says: You do not know?
ivyleaguerocksalt says: if i did, would i be asking?
>thursdayangel says: Perhaps, if you did not believe me to be who I am. However, perhaps you are not who you are.

Dean squinted at the text for a moment, thought about the screenname and then laughed to himself. "No way..."

ivyleaguerocksalt says: cas, that you? who the hell showed you how to im?
ivyleaguerocksalt says: this is so fucking weird man. where ru?
>thursdayangel says: Dean.
ivyleaguerocksalt says: lololol hey cas. seriously though, cell phones and now im's? ur gettin pretty tech savvy for an angel
>thursdayangel says: It has become necessary in order to contact you. Is Sam with you? He was assisting me with some research and I
>thursdayangel says: would like to know his progress.

ivyleaguerocksalt says: sorry cas, he's out at the library. don't think he's done yet.
>thursdayangel says: I see. Thank you.
ivyleaguerocksalt says: wait wait wait, cas
>thursdayangel says: Yes, Dean?
ivyleaguerocksalt says: so what ru doing then?
ivyleaguerocksalt says: i'm bored and the guns r clean, cut me a break here.

>thursdayangel says: I am talking to you.
ivyleaguerocksalt says: chatting anyone else up? ;D
thursdayangel says: I do not have anyone else to talk to.
>ivyleaguerocksalt says: so? pick someone random
thursdayangel says: Why?
>ivyleaguerocksalt says: it could get interesting ;D ;D

>thursdayangel says: I do not understand. What does ';D' mean?
ivyleaguerocksalt says: it's a smilie thing u don't see them? sam's got them on.
>thursdayangel says: I don't know.
ivyleaguerocksalt says: ok, well, tilt ur head 2 the left - ur good enough at that
ivyleaguerocksalt says: it should look like a guy blinking with a big smile

last message sent at [15:01:22]

ivyleaguerocksalt says: cas?

>thursdayangel says: Ah, I understand. It is meant to express emotion. Are there more such symbols?
ivyleaguerocksalt says: lol yea lots more
ivyleaguerocksalt says: like :P is sticking out ur tongue
>thursdayangel says: What does that convey?
ivyleaguerocksalt says: i dunno i guess u put it at the end of something when ur being funny or something

>thursdayangel says: I see.
ivyleaguerocksalt says: :O is surprise and D: is shock (eyes other way) and like :( is frown
ivyleaguerocksalt says: then there's more complicated ones and i'm not nearly bored enough 2 show u those
ivyleaguerocksalt says: u can ask sammy about it
>thursdayangel says: All right. :)
ivyleaguerocksalt says: lol ur smiling?

>thursdayangel says: No. But it is meant to convey feelings, though. Or am I wrong?
ivyleaguerocksalt says: no u got it. just thought you'd be using :|
ivyleaguerocksalt says: ur always making that face :|
ivyleaguerocksalt says: >:|
ivyleaguerocksalt says: >:\
ivyleaguerocksalt says: guess with ur stare it'd be 8|

>thursdayangel says: Are you making fun of me, Dean?
ivyleaguerocksalt says: no just saying u make that face alot, like all the freakin time.
>thursdayangel says: I don't mean to. Does it bother you?
ivyleaguerocksalt says: i'm just saying!
ivyleaguerocksalt says: jesus, cas
>thursdayangel says: <3

last message sent at [15:32:09]

>thursdayangel says: Dean?
ivyleaguerocksalt says: wth is that for?
>thursdayangel says: I believe it is a heart.
ivyleaguerocksalt says: yea I get that
ivyleaguerocksalt says: why did u make one?

>thursdayangel says: It felt appropriate. It is easier to express in this way then when I am :| at you.
>thursdayangel says: I assume that :| represents watching or looking.
>thursdayangel says: Judging from your associating it with me.
>thursdayagnel says: As well as from the clarification that 8| would be me staring.
ivyleaguerocksalt says: ur thinking about this way 2 much

>thursdayangel says: I am trying to understand.
ivyleaguerocksalt says: hate 2 tell u, cas, but internet stuff doesn't make alot of sense 2 begin with
>thursdayangel says: Yes, I have seen that. Was I wrong to use <3?
ivyleaguerocksalt says: did u mean it?
>thursdayangel says: Yes.

ivyleaguerocksalt says: then don't worry about it.
>thursdayangel says: Okay. <3
ivyleaguerocksalt says: ...jesus, cas.
ivyleaguerocksalt says: i'm gonna go do stuff now. i'll tell sammy 2 IM u when he gets back.
ivyleaguerocksalt says: ilu2

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