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Title: Everyone is Beautiful (1/1)
Author: [personal profile] rosivan
Rating/Warning: PG - AU, no other warnings
Wordcount: ~1200
Pairing/Characters: Sulu, Chekov & Joanna McCoy, implied McCoy/Chekov
Prompt: A companion piece to my At the Ballet series, which can be found HERE
Summary: Joanna McCoy asks a small request of Pavel and Hikaru.

Notes: I would suggest you read At the Ballet first, as it was intended, but you don't need to read it in order to understand what's going on in this piece.

Pavel and Hikaru were figuring out a recipe they'd seen on the Food Network. Or, at least, they were attempting to figure it out.

"It can't be that hard," Hikaru said. He flicked off their small television set and went into the kitchen. "We've got everything that she used." He flicked on the lights and started rooting through the cupboards.

"She put it in the refrigerator overnight," Pavel followed after him with a sigh. He whined, "I'm hungry now, Hikaru."

"We'll just skip that part," Hikaru said, and pulled out pepper, tomato soup and maple syrup, among other things. The recipe they had watched was for a 'Southern Maple Chicken'. "It looked fucking delicious. Maybe it won't matter if we let it sit for a half hour, or something."

Pavel's face dropped, "A half hour?"

Hikaru dumped some vegetables on the kitchen counter. "Here, have a carrot."

This didn't impress Pavel, who gave him a pouty frown. "I am not interested."

The phone rang.

Hikaru shrugged and rolled up his shirt sleeves so they would stay out of his way. "You answer that, then. It'll keep your mind off your stomach."

Pavel's belly rumbled and Hikaru turned to wash the vegetables in the sink. Once Pavel was sure Hikaru wasn't looking, he snagged a carrot from the bag and went to answer the phone. "Allo?"

"Pavel, hi!"

"Joanna," the Russian dancer said happily. He settled down on one of the kitchen barstools and faced the living room. "How was dinner with your papa?" His stomach rumbled again and he took a vicious bite of his carrot.

"Oh, it was lovely, but I don't think he was hungry at all." She laughed. "He had that look on his face like he wanted to slip his plate to the dog, or something." Her voice went softer, and in the background Pavel could hear the laugh track of some old movie. "He's coming to watch me dance tomorrow."

"Oh," Pavel said. His stomach did a peculiar flip, and he mentally blamed it on his hunger. "How long will he stay?"

"I didn't want to ask," Joanna admitted, "He didn't say, either. …It's all right if I pretend for a while, right?" He knew that her father usually only stayed in town for a day or two. When she said 'pretend for a while' she really meant 'pretend he'll stay for a while'.

He learned about her parents after meeting her mother in the hall outside their shared dressing room. They'd just finished a performance, and Jocelyn McCoy had come to congratulate her daughter. At the time, Pavel hadn't known not to ask about Mr. McCoy.

"Yes," Pavel decided, "But only for a little while."

She sighed, and the laugh track in the background was abruptly cut off. "You're right. Actually, I called because I need to be at the theatre early tomorrow, and Daddy hates taxis. I think it's because he doesn't know the person driving. I know you weren't planning on going, but could you pick him up? If Hikaru's all right with it, I mean."

"I will ask." Pavel pressed the phone receiver to his chest and turned to look at Hikaru. "Can we pick up Joanna's papa tomorrow afternoon? We will be going to the matinee."

"I thought you weren't going to go," Hikaru said. He was chopping up the carrots, and raised an amused eyebrow at the one in Pavel's hand.

Pavel stuck out his tongue at him. "No one should go to the ballet alone."

Hikaru shot him a skeptical look. "You let me go to the ballet alone."

"I was dancing that night!" Pavel said in his defence. "Tomorrow?"

He waved a hand at Pavel, "Yeah, yeah," and went back to the vegetables. In the microwave behind him, two sections of chicken breast were turning, under the defrost setting. Pavel chomped down on his carrot again.

"He says yes," Pavel told Joanna, and continued to watch Hikaru cook.

"Great! Please thank him for me, will you?"

"Joanna thanks you," Pavel said. Hikaru waved a hand again. "Hikaru says that you are welcome."

"Um, Pavel? I know that you don't like that my father's been gone so much, but I've accepted it, and I think you should too. He's tries his best and I don't think he's forgiven himself for how things went."

Pavel sighed, "Da, I know. I will not give him hard time." After meeting the man earlier that night, he knows she's telling him the truth. There's something in the way that Leonard McCoy looks at his daughter that makes Pavel's chest hurt in sympathy. It's almost as if he doesn't think he has a right to talk to her, but he does because he can't help it, or because he wants to make things right.

Joanna hesitated for a moment. "Actually, he might give you a hard time, but that's just the way he is, okay? He's really quite sweet, nice in his own way."

"Nice is vague word anyway," Pavel told her. Hikaru looked up at this and threw him a questioning look that Pavel ignored. "I do not trust 'nice'."

Joanna laughed, "Yes, I remember. I should get some sleep. Thanks for doing this, Pavel."

"Is small thing," Pavel said dismissively. "Remind Harper about lifts, yes?"

"I will. Good night, Pavel! Night, Hikaru."

"Good night, Joanna!" He said for the both of them, and turned off the handset. He looked over at roommate again. "The carrot did nothing. I am still hungry."

"Have another," Hikaru said, "And what's this thing with her Dad?" He knew as much about Joanna's parents as Pavel did, mostly because Pavel had the tendency to tell him everything.

"He has not said how long he is here," Pavel explained.

Hikaru shook his head, "No, I mean, with you. You only go off on the 'nice' rant when you meet someone interesting and decidedly not nice."

"I do not know what you mean."

Hikaru snorted. "Yeah, right." The microwave beeped and he turned and pulled the chicken out. Carefully he placed the meat into the marinade. "All right, half hour starts now."

"I am making a sandwich," Pavel decided, because it was late, and Southern Maple Chicken was taking too long. "We can eat that tomorrow."

"All right," Hikaru said easily. It occurred to Pavel that this was perhaps the plan all along.

"You're not nice either," Pavel told him.

Hikaru laughed and took it as a compliment. "Which is why you get along with me, right?"

Pavel wasn't about to lose two arguments in the space of five minutes. He grabbed the bowl of carrot sticks and retreated to his bedroom. "Good night, Hikaru."

"Night, Pavel."

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